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  1. I pray to the Survivor gods that Reem isn’t the one that gets back in the game. She’d better not try any of the “bad editing” bullshit at the reunion show because I think they’re capturing her perfectly.
  2. Love reading your recaps of the episodes. The paint chip shirt parts are a highlight. I like they’re doing something a little different this time (or so it seems) but I also hope Reem doesn’t get back in the game. I was done with her after the first episode. It amazes me all these people who claim to be “super fans” don’t know Survivor 101 - don’t start off being bossy!
  3. My hat is off to you, for this exceptional and hilarious recap.
  4. BB20 House Discussion

    If I were on the jury, I'd tell Kaycee the only way you'll get my vote is if you let down your freaking hair!
  5. BB20 House Discussion

    I was halfway through watching tonight's episode when i realized. "Wow, this is so much better now that I don't have to listen to Rockstar's voice!"
  6. I think I had them all fooled with the sweet-loving fun hippie routine.
  7. Caption This Picture!

    "If I only had a brain"
  8. Things Faysal is actually good at

    Not winning Big Brother
  9. I think it's hilarious that Rockstar attacks Angela just because she's pretty? Um, hello, you have Hayliegh in your alliance, whom i think is WAY prettier than Angela. Plus Angela (that I've seen) hasn't acted like a high school mean-girl, so maybe time to grow up. Keep the hate-on for Brett, i get that, the guy's a douche-bag idiot. Someone needs some more therapy.
  10. Limericks – One Line at a Time

    Bayleigh receiving power was rigged She really became quite wigged She ran through the house
  11. The ABCs of BB

    Bounding down the stairs into the arms of Faysal, the man of her dreams.
  12. Bayleigh-ing: Being offended by something someone else said after saying something insulting yourself.
  13. True or False – Getting Acquainted

    True. I have to admit I was prepared to hate him but I actually like him. The next poster has gone skinny dipping in public at some point in their life (and with people, not alone)
  14. BB20 House Discussion

    As a self-described nerd myself, I didn't like Brett before and I like him even less after tonight's episode. I tried not to pass judgement when he was dishing out the 'dweeb' and 'dork' comments since I was doing the exact same thing about him as being a 'bro' and a dumb-jock, but he really is just an intolerant ass, especially after his veto speech and I have no time for him. DO let the door hit you on the way out, BRO!