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  1. Diary Room of a Madman (1963)
  2. I am with you 1000%. I hate Britini and I so wish she didn't even make it to jury. And her appearance on the live show tonight? Talk about lipstick on a pig.
  3. We can’t even look forward to the triple eviction. I read that Dr. Plastic teased them about it and now they all know it’s coming. Why, BB, why do you giveth and then taketh away!
  4. Magpie I would LOVE it if that were the case. Could it exterminate Nicole and Dani?
  5. I am not a fan of Memphis at all but I'd have to agree that, to me, he's saying "David's an idiot" as it also fits more into the context of their conversation. I hate the guy and his comments about Ian were not cool, but have to disagree with the Twitterverse on this one.
  6. “Who wants to play TRON?”
  7. Janelle is a fantastic player and will hopefully go far. I just wish she'd stop getting lip filler.
  8. I literally screamed "noooooooooooo" at the tv set when i saw she was returning. That voice! That horrible, whiny voice!
  9. For the life of me I still cannot remember her on her season at all. I almost fell out of my chair when I learned she not only made it to fourth but was voted America's favourite. I also have a hard time telling her and Dani apart this season.
  10. Supercalifragilisticsuckyandatrocious
  11. I guess they were saving it for tonight's episode (Wednesday) as that's what we opened with. I have to admit, if I came from another state that wasn't prone to earthquakes and then had that happen, I'd be a tad worried too.
  12. I think my boob is stuck to the table.
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