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  1. I was hoping for a Jasmine Absentee Zing, but sadly nothing. I thought at least Alyssa’s was pretty accurate.
  2. After watching Wednesday's show I am totally disgusted with Michael and Brittany. Um, did they not say to each other that they both shared some of the same thoughts that Kyle had? I didn't hear that tidbit of information come up in their chat with Monte and Taylor. Did Kyle say some insensitive things? Possibly. Was Kyle right in saying that "this is a shitty thing of them to do as a means of strategy and gameplay when it could potentially ruin his life and paint him as something he's not?" Absolutely. I hope they get outed with this very bad gameplay.
  3. Ding Dong, Jasmine's gone! If I could do a cartwheel, I would.
  4. Personally I am delighted to have Jasmine up on the block and (oh please please please) hopefully the target.
  5. I just made those words up as examples of the gobbledy-gook that she speaks. I personally love a southern accent but I have no idea what she's saying half the time. Plus I agree with people who say she's milking her injury, and then she faints after getting a foot off the ground? I definitely think she's going for sympathy in the house.
  6. Audition to be the new Cyclops in X-Men
  7. I'm with you, i can't stand Jasmine and her exaggerated accent. I swear it wasn't that bad during the first week. I don't advocate violence against anyone but every time i hear "That's lahk two fungles in a whorl can of trouble" I want to smack her.
  8. Trying anything that will make someone remember his name.
  9. Was it just my recording or did they skip the 4th group entering the house? The 3rd got divvied up, went to commercial and then came back to everyone being in and the games starting.
  10. I am with you 1000%. I hate Britini and I so wish she didn't even make it to jury. And her appearance on the live show tonight? Talk about lipstick on a pig.
  11. We can’t even look forward to the triple eviction. I read that Dr. Plastic teased them about it and now they all know it’s coming. Why, BB, why do you giveth and then taketh away!
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