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  1. BB20 House Discussion

    Cannot stop watching! Fabulous! Bravo!
  2. Food Shows

    Sylvia Weinstock was my favorite guest judge. "I'm just going to steal these pans."
  3. Here is his profile: linky I am 3rd-degree connected to him! Ha.
  4. Jenna has a personality and is funny, who knew!
  5. He did get to see his mom at Ponderosa.
  6. Also, how about this...
  7. Huh, how about that...
  8. POLL - Visits From Home

    I voted for waste of time, but really it is a mix of all except option one. Screaming at the TV is also included, as it is every episode.
  9. Food Shows

    Nailed It on Netflix is quite amusing. They take average people who like to bake (not that they know how) and have them try to recreate amazing feats of bakery, only to fail spectacularly. Much fun!
  10. Comedy

    I have watched Crazy Ex from time to time and agree the musical numbers are fantastic!
  11. General Reality Shows

    True. I want The Soup groove back!
  12. General Reality Shows

    I love Joel McHale and was so excited for this, but was disappointed with the first episode. I hope they get back in the groove quickly.
  13. When I first saw his picture, I thought the three things he would want to bring to the island would be a palette, a brush and a canvas so he could paint us some happy trees.
  14. They won't let him bring his retainers?
  15. Love the Ent and Silent Cal references for JP.