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  1. HA! No answers this morning. Many articles all say the same thing https://www.republicworld.com/entertainment-news/web-series/what-happened-to-mikey-on-tough-and-nails-why-did-the-contestant-suddenly-leave-the-show.html
  2. Anyone watching Tough as Nails? Do you know why Mikey Eyebrows had to go home?
  3. 8. A thin line between love and slop
  4. Finally had a slow day at work and was able to read the final recap. HA!! Thank you @MrsGryn !
  5. That dress is too long. It should be above the knees.
  6. I am not hating this look tonight.
  7. No clue. I picked Lolo for the heck of it.
  8. I think he might be a glass full of bitter with a swizzle straw made of delusion
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