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  1. POLL: Pre-show Prediction

    No clue. I picked Lolo for the heck of it.
  2. Jeremy Crawford - Goliath - Voted out Week 3

    I think he might be a glass full of bitter with a swizzle straw made of delusion
  3. In Jessica's exit interview with Dalton Ross, she says he had a girlfriend. Interesting.
  4. POLL: Week 11 Eviction Prediction

    I want to see Sam go and have her fulfill her promise of burning the place down!
  5. I know what a SeaBob is now.
  6. Yes, @tlh9, Christmas Story lil bro!
  7. Indeed, Brett was the very bestest Brett he could be.
  8. Julie is looking fierce tonight! (Do the kids still use that term?)
  9. BB20 House Discussion

    Cannot stop watching! Fabulous! Bravo!
  10. Food Shows

    Sylvia Weinstock was my favorite guest judge. "I'm just going to steal these pans."
  11. Here is his profile: linky I am 3rd-degree connected to him! Ha.
  12. Jenna Bowman - Lavita - Eliminated eleventh

    Jenna has a personality and is funny, who knew!