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  1. Things I learned about Chakra Con from her site... 0. She goes by Kait. 1. Everyone that guessed zero clients is maybe incorrect as she claimed to have picked up two new clients before her move to LA was complete a few months ago. 2. In a post about those essential oils she’s rubbing everywhere and on everyone, the link to her sales site is dead, but the first search showed it’s an MLM. Ick. Also, I’m sensing she now has a closet overflowing with box sets. 2.5. More than one blog post indicates what’s being shared there (and what she’s selling) is either based on, or a direct quote from that book, The Secret. The entirety of the internet is available and she’s familiar with one book. 3. Buy in on the five or twelve month plan and she’ll give you her personal digits and some other crap. It’s emergencies only on the five month plan, so go big for the beck & call anytime life coach experience. Bonus: Thinking of hiring Kait? Even if you aren’t, get a free 30 minute discovery phone call because you can.
  2. While Chakra Con looks like Nicole Richie, her personality is all Allison Dubois. Otherwise, I’m still wondering what went on with her and Fas during the first week. The furtive whispering and him questioning why she was suddenly impersonating the cat trying to squeeze out of his Pepe le Pewish grasp those first 36ish hours after the cameras went live piqued my curiosity.
  3. I had hope tonight with the dress initially appearing to be tailored for her body and the cute neckline. Then she took a few steps closer and was close enough for the camera to pick-up all the details of that ill-fitted abomination. It’s a coincidence it was the fabric across her chest that was gaping and pulling weirdly, yes? Or is it possible her stylist really doesn’t like her and tells her that’s how it’s supposed to look? I really don’t get it. When the shift to HD happened, everyone was hyper aware of how their face/teeth/hair would now look onscreen and they stepped it up a few notches to accommodate the details that’d be visible, so why doesn’t she (or her stylist) give similar consideration to what she wears? At least they’re consistent.
  4. The black dress was fabulous. I thought she finally got a new stylist until studio skippy went with a full-length shot as she walked across the stage, revealing tonight’s blue/black disaster, including the shoes. Then her *cough* fixed everything.
  5. It’s so weird how when my asthma gets riled up, I feel/sound like a fish out of water, what with all the gasping and struggling to get air in or out. If I could walk as far and as fast as she did in the midst of her “attack” (while holding an inhaler), I’m not fussing about going to the hospital to spend a few minutes with the nebulizer because there’s no asthma anything happening. Freakin’ drama queen, she is. Who does she think she’s fooling? She must be beyond exhausting to be around for more than a minute or two.
  6. It did look like she could unhinge her jaws and who knows how long it'd been since her last feeding, so maybe it was about self-preservation. Whether crazy talk or crazy scary, we've been deprived of seeing something awesome.
  7. Based on the other crazy shown, I'm kinda bummed we didn't see what she let out to warrant a unanimous boot.
  8. Since he and his directionally-challenged eyes brought the insanity a mere two days in, did the others begin sleeping in shifts after confirmation of the strip-search got around? I worked with pro football players for years and his type of crazy would've had everyone giving side-eye within the first few days of training camp. Word gets around; everyone, from the organization to agents to coaches and other teams, would know of the crazy within 24hrs everytime it makes an appearance. They'd find a way to work the crazy to be beneficial on the field.
  9. I totally spaced reading through these (the day they were posted) until I got to this chick. Her special brand of egotistical crazy brought it all back. It'll be interesting watching her try to use the same skill-set that's allowed her to parlay one fifth place finish in the 1988 summer games into a "career" as an "Olympian" until she and her forehead get the boot.
  10. It was last weekend-ish when his family tweeted that they'd evacuated, everyone was safe, and they thanked all who'd been concerned about them.
  11. So, the dude with the spoilers has posted that Paul noms Kevin and Josh for eviction and then Paul wins veto. If these are correct (they've been correct all season) Paul's in an interesting spot that'll definitely leave blood on his hands.
  12. Oh FFS. I'd have failed Home Ec if I'd turned in that top as my "finished" project. PSA - Back in the day, Home Economics was an 8th grade class in which students learned the fundamentals of cooking, sewing, and other useful subjects via hands-on experience and instruction.
  13. Just chiming in to second the rumours; the person that's been leaking (correctly) to reddit all season dropped the eviction/HOH info last night shortly after they took place. I'm still team tiny pocket dictator and find his mental stamina amazing given he's played non-stop since walking in the door. I saw a clip last night from week 1 where he was outlining his plans during one of his first camera chats and he's done what he said he would, including using dog-training methods on the others (remember when Cody called him out on that?). The season might've been very different had Cody treated the "team" like a team (and not been a flaming anti-social robot right out of the gate) talking with everyone instead of expecting them to fall in line because the ranking officer said to. Their intentions were the same but how they executed getting the others to follow along couldn't have been more different. The decision to spend the emotional capital needed to get to the end was only worth it to one of them. Paul's earned the win if he gets there.
  14. The stylist must've doubled-down on last week's furry-cuffed abomination since tonight's perfectly adorable red dress / faux-snake, strappy stiletto combo was clearly the just in case outfit Julie brought from home.
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