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  1. False alarm. Some of them are still primping in the bathroom area.
  2. We've got FotH. Must be POV time!
  3. Devin is up in the HOH room by himself. He's been going over his POV speech and is apparently taking Brittany off the block and putting Zach up in her place.
  4. TRIVIA! Must be time for the veto meeting.
  5. Back to trivia. Must be time for the veto competition.
  6. False alarm. Andy just went potty and went back to bed.
  7. Helen even went back to bed. And I paid for this?
  8. Does anyone know when Spencer supposedly said that he went to rehab for the railroad? My husband is a locomotive engineer and we've been trying to figure out how he got this much time off to be in the BB house!