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  1. When I look at that archery bedroom all I can think is that someone was inspired by old episodes of Trading Spaces. Please tell me someone else remembers Hildi and the hay room?
  2. Sounds like the wine safari guide should fit right in with the theme.
  3. Going strictly by the written interview I went with Isabella. I like her snark, she can sit with me.
  4. According to Twitter, there's an article in TV Guide that says this year's theme is outdoorsy and the first comp is "Camp BB."
  5. "When I feel provoked I can be extremely vicious." That bodes well for the potential drama factor.
  6. I noticed that, too. I live in FL and we seem to have almost as many NY/NJ types here as there are up there.
  7. I am already not a fan of Analyse. Anallice? Thank you Brett, for adding that word to my lexicon.
  8. Wow, I have a lot of prehate for these hamsters. Way too many vapid 22-24 year olds who cite lack of phones as the anticipated hardest part of the experience. Several who have little to no knowledge of the game. Admittedly superfans are hit or miss, but there don't seem to be any this season so that's kind of disappointing.
  9. THAT was her secret?! Oh the Schadenfreude.
  10. I was thrilled with the final two and not unhappy with the outcome. I was rooting for Tyler but I'm not mad it went to Kaycee. I am really annoyed by how brief the question and answer session was though. This was a pretty bitter jury and the abbreviated format did not bode well for Tyler who would have benefitted from more time to really sell himself. Conversely, Kaycee would not have been able to come up with much to fill the time. Hated - HATED - the dumbass Swaggy/Bayleigh segment. HATE. Those two need to go away and stay away. I would much rather have longer jury questioning or the segments where they let pre-jury houseguests talk about what they saw watching from home. The whole show felt very rushed and anti-climactic. Great season, great winner and runner up, sub-par finale.
  11. That was the comment that stood out for me. I thought maybe I'd missed something since I don't have the feeds. I don't recall seeing or reading anything about him pretending to be in love with her.
  12. The only thing about the jury house segment that interested me was the is she or isn't she with Bayleigh. In just about every shot she looked fuller around the abdomen. In one shot when she wore the blue dress her belly was noticeably round. But then the tie dye shirt was tied at the waist with her stomach peeking out and I thought maybe not. I have not missed her voice or her crappy attitude at all, though.
  13. Man, I am not a big fan of JC, but his DR last night during the family messages broke my heart. His pain came through loud and clear.
  14. It seems as though many (not all) of this new generation believe that a parent's money = the child's money, even after that child is an adult. So if Angela's parents are well off, then naturally she is too. Whatever. Income isn't a determining factor for who is chosen to play the game, so it shouldn't be a factor in who wins.
  15. I'm guessing Jason is that horrible little guy who lived in his mom's basement and was on BB and BBOTT.
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