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  1. I was just telling my kids about the days of food comps, luxury comps, Nakomis and her 5 finger plan, and PB&Js for have nots. One of my favorite luxury comps was when they set up a store in the living room and the houseguests got to keep anything they were able to put on in whatever the time limit was. I think I'll have to show them some of the older seasons. I guess I should stay on topic here. In hamster headline news, I read the other day that Vanessa is pregnant with twin boys. Her wife is also pregnant with a boy and due around the same time as her.
  2. I was just telling my son about Nakomis and her five finger plan. I also told him all about the food competitions and how they'd have to work together to get the stuff they wanted. Those were the good old days. I certainly hope that they learn lessons from this season because it really was terrible.
  3. He did make comments in the house though that, while not overtly racist, revealed a definite bias. One instance was when he and Jack were talking about David and opined that he'd probably been in prison because of his demeanor. But then he said something along the lines of 'maybe not, his teeth are too nice for that.' There were some other instances but that's the one that sticks with me the most. It's fair enough to accept his reasoning for his four choices at the beginning of the game. Harder to explain away other comments.
  4. @MrsGryn - Yes, Reddit. And a few threads on FB, but mostly there. Visiting those sites makes me appreciate HT even more!
  5. It's incredible how different the reaction is to the questions segment here vs. other places on social media. People are foaming at the mouth over how Michie was supposedly treated so poorly. I've actually seen people say he was gaslighted last night. The irony there is rich. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. There's also a part of me that wonders if that wasn't a big middle finger to him and his mama for being massive pains in the ass all season long.
  6. Quoting because it bears repeating. Also, Nicole is working with what she's got just like all these bigger personalities do. If it's cool for Michie to be a nasty bully because that's his wheelhouse, then I see no reason why anyone should take issue with Nicole knowing exactly who she is, how she works best, and using that to the best of her ability.
  7. I lost all interest in this season after Cliff talked Nicole into voting out Tommy. Everything from then on was a foregone conclusion. I would LOVE to see Holly boot Snackson in the end but we all know that's not happening. At this point, I don't even plan to watch the last few episodes.
  8. Well this is all pretty disappointing. I think booting Tommy over Holly is a decision they will come to regret.
  9. I don't have the feeds. What is she saying/doing that is so objectionable?
  10. I've watched BB since season 2 and found Hamstertime around season 6 (username is a nod to the brilliance that was April's Clue). This is the first season I can recall that there has been so little interest in snarking on the houseguests so early in the season. Social media has changed things over the years obviously, but I can't help but think it's mostly because this cast is so utterly contemptible. They're not fun or funny and their gameplay, such as it is, is weak.
  11. My top choice isn't an option. Put all the Camp Comeback players back in the game and send out the 4 worst of Hateful. Since that won't happen, I guess I'm hoping for David. He seems to have a decent read on the house. Although with the way they are all being treated by the house, I almost don't want to wish return on any of these people.
  12. I can't recall having this level of disdain for a group of houseguests since the Friendship. That was a tough show to watch, these are downright horrible people.
  13. I really cannot stand this girl. What a nasty witch. That's not gameplay, it's just who she is.
  14. Tonight's broadcast referred to Cliff's getting caught talking to the cameras as "the biggest blunder in BB history." Apparently these dumbass producers have forgotten Marcellus (and Lawon).
  15. Beast Mode Cowboy was so much fun to hate on, though. This guy is just an entitled, conceited, douchebag.
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