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  1. I assume a few have already seen this by now. A week after her BF was arrested for domestic violence, Shanna has announced she's pregnant. https://people.com/tv/shanna-moakler-shares-positive-pregnancy-test-result-after-ex-domestic-violence-arrest/
  2. I definitely think he was the most instrumental in keeping the Cookout together. There were several times it could have fractured but he was able to manage his team without them even realizing he was doing it.
  3. That's interesting about the clubfoot. My middle son was born with clubfoot. He also has broad shoulders, a strong back/chest, and what he refers to as "chicken legs." No matter how much he targets them in his workouts, they're just always going to be skinny because the entire lower leg is affected. As to the foot itself, if it's fixed correctly, you wouldn't be able tell the difference between a clubbed or non-clubbed foot unless you're looking really closely. I don't have a strong opinion of X one way or the other. He's not my favorite but I don't dislike him. I do think confident is an apt descriptor for him, though.
  4. @chrysana - I don't know if she wrote it anywhere in her bio, but she definitely talked about it in her intro in the first episode. Regardless, I am also ready to see her leave. I do wonder what she'd have been like in the house if she started out on a team with more calm, grounded people around her like Xavier or Claire. Her team of Frenchie, Azah and Derek F was just so chaotic and reactionary. There was no one in her inner circle to keep her grounded, imo.
  5. Is Azah as insufferable on the feeds as she was on Sunday's show? Or is she just getting a particularly bad edit? Because by the end of the show, I was ready to see Ky put her butt on the block.
  6. A lot of people on reddit love her. I just don't get it.
  7. Can confirm at least one of those three words are true.
  8. Do we have a Tyler this season?
  9. She reminds me of Twyla from Schitt's Creek.
  10. Have you looked at her LinkedIn profile? It says she's a Senior Cloud Solution Architect - AI at Microsoft.
  11. These people are so ridiculous. Granted I have not paid a ton of attention this season since it's an absolute snooze fest, but I'm fairly certain that the understanding has always been once they get to final 4 it's every man for himself. And here they are bitching and whining that Enzo dared to *checks notes* play for himself once he got to final 4? Whatever. I now hope he wins. He was not my first or even fifth choice. But he's apparently the only person in that house who has not fully submitted to the groupthink mentality that defines BB now.
  12. Probably both. He looks like a cartoon villain now. He was always handsome but he's ruined his looks, for me anyway.
  13. The only reason I was okay with the Nicole win in her previous season is because I loathed Paul that much more. But so is so detestable and obnoxious that this season is almost unwatchable for me. I can't understand how she gets such a good edit.
  14. I noticed during the votes that almost all the "in group" players cast their votes for "the legendary Janelle." It was emphasized in a not so subtle way and I didn't hear anyone from the out group saying it when they cast their vote for her. I got the impression it was a weird dig at her that the mean girls came up with. I really enjoyed the montage of Janelle and Kaysar's friendship. It's so on brand for 2020 that the only relationship worth watching is the one immediately shoved out the door.
  15. That might actually get me to watch the show again after tonight. I've lost all interest since I saw the direction the house is headed. It's so boring. Nicole, Dani, Tyler, et al. have sucked all the fun and entertainment out of this season.
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