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  1. I've watched BB since season 2 and found Hamstertime around season 6 (username is a nod to the brilliance that was April's Clue). This is the first season I can recall that there has been so little interest in snarking on the houseguests so early in the season. Social media has changed things over the years obviously, but I can't help but think it's mostly because this cast is so utterly contemptible. They're not fun or funny and their gameplay, such as it is, is weak.
  2. My top choice isn't an option. Put all the Camp Comeback players back in the game and send out the 4 worst of Hateful. Since that won't happen, I guess I'm hoping for David. He seems to have a decent read on the house. Although with the way they are all being treated by the house, I almost don't want to wish return on any of these people.
  3. I can't recall having this level of disdain for a group of houseguests since the Friendship. That was a tough show to watch, these are downright horrible people.
  4. I really cannot stand this girl. What a nasty witch. That's not gameplay, it's just who she is.
  5. Tonight's broadcast referred to Cliff's getting caught talking to the cameras as "the biggest blunder in BB history." Apparently these dumbass producers have forgotten Marcellus (and Lawon).
  6. Beast Mode Cowboy was so much fun to hate on, though. This guy is just an entitled, conceited, douchebag.
  7. I don't dislike him yet. That's as big a compliment as I can muster this season. Points for creativity in giving each of the snakes a backstory.
  8. Did he talk about mistreating his dog? I haven't paid terribly close attention this season, but I think you might be referring to the comment about rubbing a dog's nose in its own sh*t. In which case, that was not aquaDOUCHE Jack, but fratbroDOUCHE Jackson.
  9. Reading about the "Grateful Circle Saturday" in the recaps. Is this some scheme to get the entire house to speak their alliance name over and over without non-alliance members realizing it?
  10. They really seem to be trying hard to make him a main character. No surprises there. But he seems to have zero personality. There's nothing likable about him at all, and yet he's not even someone you love to hate. After the first episode the reactions from both of my sons was the same. "Geez, this guy is full of himself."
  11. I haven't read up on the recaps to see which way the house is leaning at the moment, but I'd like to see him stick around a little longer. I want to see what he can do once he has his feet under him and a better read on the house. I'm hoping the fact that he has the secret power will work in his favor even though he can't use it. I can't imagine FUG likes the idea of her twist heading out the door at the first eviction.
  12. When I look at that archery bedroom all I can think is that someone was inspired by old episodes of Trading Spaces. Please tell me someone else remembers Hildi and the hay room?
  13. Sounds like the wine safari guide should fit right in with the theme.
  14. Going strictly by the written interview I went with Isabella. I like her snark, she can sit with me.
  15. According to Twitter, there's an article in TV Guide that says this year's theme is outdoorsy and the first comp is "Camp BB."
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