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  1. These people are so ridiculous. Granted I have not paid a ton of attention this season since it's an absolute snooze fest, but I'm fairly certain that the understanding has always been once they get to final 4 it's every man for himself. And here they are bitching and whining that Enzo dared to *checks notes* play for himself once he got to final 4? Whatever. I now hope he wins. He was not my first or even fifth choice. But he's apparently the only person in that house who has not fully submitted to the groupthink mentality that defines BB now.
  2. Probably both. He looks like a cartoon villain now. He was always handsome but he's ruined his looks, for me anyway.
  3. The only reason I was okay with the Nicole win in her previous season is because I loathed Paul that much more. But so is so detestable and obnoxious that this season is almost unwatchable for me. I can't understand how she gets such a good edit.
  4. I noticed during the votes that almost all the "in group" players cast their votes for "the legendary Janelle." It was emphasized in a not so subtle way and I didn't hear anyone from the out group saying it when they cast their vote for her. I got the impression it was a weird dig at her that the mean girls came up with. I really enjoyed the montage of Janelle and Kaysar's friendship. It's so on brand for 2020 that the only relationship worth watching is the one immediately shoved out the door.
  5. That might actually get me to watch the show again after tonight. I've lost all interest since I saw the direction the house is headed. It's so boring. Nicole, Dani, Tyler, et al. have sucked all the fun and entertainment out of this season.
  6. Insufferable is the exact word I was coming here to use. She is insufferable and has made the remainder of the season unwatchable. Can't stand this petty little woman.
  7. The one time I want production to mess with the game will probably be the one time they don't. Because 2020 sucks. Make this veto about MN real estate or BB6/7 trivia. If Janelle goes out this week I will have all but lost interest in the rest of the season.
  8. I think it's real. He was ALWAYS rocking in that hammock out back during his first season. But the backyard's been shut down so he hasn't had that option.
  9. Apparently this was discussed on the feeds. If Kaysar were the only one to use the pass, he would have had to finish it under a certain time limit, so it wasn't a guaranteed win. At least this way they knew whoever won would likely take the other. On a related note, the way Janie entered the DJ room last night was perfection. My kids didn't really know who she was or why I'm a fan, but they're definitely fans after last night.
  10. It's very disappointing that he didn't bother to do even a minimal amount of research before coming back into the house. I was very happy to see him return since he was done wrong last season. But his spot was wasted if he really is as ignorant about previous players, alliances, and the history of the game as he seems.
  11. Dan Gheesling tweeted a picture of PeePaw today. He's keeping busy at 87 years young and says he wants CBS to know he's ready to play again.
  12. I was just telling my kids about the days of food comps, luxury comps, Nakomis and her 5 finger plan, and PB&Js for have nots. One of my favorite luxury comps was when they set up a store in the living room and the houseguests got to keep anything they were able to put on in whatever the time limit was. I think I'll have to show them some of the older seasons. I guess I should stay on topic here. In hamster headline news, I read the other day that Vanessa is pregnant with twin boys. Her wife is also pregnant with a boy and due around the same time as her.
  13. I was just telling my son about Nakomis and her five finger plan. I also told him all about the food competitions and how they'd have to work together to get the stuff they wanted. Those were the good old days. I certainly hope that they learn lessons from this season because it really was terrible.
  14. He did make comments in the house though that, while not overtly racist, revealed a definite bias. One instance was when he and Jack were talking about David and opined that he'd probably been in prison because of his demeanor. But then he said something along the lines of 'maybe not, his teeth are too nice for that.' There were some other instances but that's the one that sticks with me the most. It's fair enough to accept his reasoning for his four choices at the beginning of the game. Harder to explain away other comments.
  15. @MrsGryn - Yes, Reddit. And a few threads on FB, but mostly there. Visiting those sites makes me appreciate HT even more!
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