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  1. POLL: Week 7 - Who had the best week?

    Dana is the one and only Buzzard Crotch. Blockstar's crotch needs to get its own nickname. On topic, I voted Tyler had the best week.He was the primary target this week and still didn't have to use his power.
  2. When the first episode aired, my kids swore they'd seen Fessie before. I didn't pay it any attention. Now after seeing that video I'm willing to concede they were right. We've been to that gym a few times, including a ninja warrior screening night last summer. They probably have seen him around. Too bad he's such an utter disappointment of a player.
  3. Pretty sure it's in reference to her winning the hacker competition.
  4. Well that could contribute to the enormous upswing in bitchiness! Although I still think she's just a petty and nasty person in general, with a nasty case of HOH-itis.
  5. "Our meeting is adjourned. Go away now. You'd better say thank you." Threatened at least three people with physical violence in just one evening. Then there's the whole N word conversation from earlier. Also, misuse and overuse of the word "literally" makes me stabby. I didn't love her before, but I hate her now.
  6. As much disdain as I have for a 24 year old self-proclaimed life coach who did little more than cry and beg for men to save her, I do have a certain amount of begrudging respect for someone who can take their failure and turn it into a positive. That kind of resiliency is admirable. Of course, it's also entirely possible that she's full of it.
  7. I loved her Rosie the Riveter look because it was absolutely in line with her personality. Now if Rachel or Angela (who is that by the way? Is she still on the show?) tried that, they couldn't pull it off. It wouldn't be authentic.
  8. BB20 House Discussion

    Are Kaycee and Angela even in the house? I can't recall ever having two such total non-enteties in the house at this point in the game. I don't have the feeds so maybe I'm missing something?
  9. It's used here at HT and maybe other BB sites? I don't think I've ever heard it used by CBS. I want to say it started with Dan Gheesling's ability to "mist" houseguests into go along with his plans without realizing it. It may have started earlier, but that's the first I remember it being used regularly.
  10. Not dreaming. She said it. I distinctly remember choking on my BB wine at the absurdity of the statement.
  11. I recall reading somewhere that his LinkedIn is public and this is exactly what he does. He's in sales. Because he's so good looking and charismatic, obviously. /s
  12. I like him far more than I thought I would (so far). He was cracking me up last night in the store room with Sam. You could see that he was so torn between wanting to comfort her and realizing he would feel like an idiot hugging a robot. And he caught on to Swaggy and Bayleigh quickly. He's already smarter than nearly everyone last season.
  13. POLL: RoboSam

    THIS would have been really interesting. Not that Sam is unattractive, btw. She's just not someone used to skating by only on looks. I was disappointed to see a punishment like this happen so early in the game. It gives her a real disadvantage as she tries to build relationships with housemates.
  14. Kaycee Clark - Playing the Periphery

    Her bun last night made me think of Olive Oyl (Popeye). Or more accurately, Pam's Olive Oyl costume on The Office.
  15. I chose Faysal just because he has a pit bull that he treats like a kid.