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  1. BB20 House Discussion

    THAT was her secret?! Oh the Schadenfreude.
  2. BB20 House Discussion

    I was thrilled with the final two and not unhappy with the outcome. I was rooting for Tyler but I'm not mad it went to Kaycee. I am really annoyed by how brief the question and answer session was though. This was a pretty bitter jury and the abbreviated format did not bode well for Tyler who would have benefitted from more time to really sell himself. Conversely, Kaycee would not have been able to come up with much to fill the time. Hated - HATED - the dumbass Swaggy/Bayleigh segment. HATE. Those two need to go away and stay away. I would much rather have longer jury questioning or the segments where they let pre-jury houseguests talk about what they saw watching from home. The whole show felt very rushed and anti-climactic. Great season, great winner and runner up, sub-par finale.
  3. BB20 House Discussion

    That was the comment that stood out for me. I thought maybe I'd missed something since I don't have the feeds. I don't recall seeing or reading anything about him pretending to be in love with her.
  4. BB20 House Discussion

    The only thing about the jury house segment that interested me was the is she or isn't she with Bayleigh. In just about every shot she looked fuller around the abdomen. In one shot when she wore the blue dress her belly was noticeably round. But then the tie dye shirt was tied at the waist with her stomach peeking out and I thought maybe not. I have not missed her voice or her crappy attitude at all, though.
  5. Man, I am not a big fan of JC, but his DR last night during the family messages broke my heart. His pain came through loud and clear.
  6. It seems as though many (not all) of this new generation believe that a parent's money = the child's money, even after that child is an adult. So if Angela's parents are well off, then naturally she is too. Whatever. Income isn't a determining factor for who is chosen to play the game, so it shouldn't be a factor in who wins.
  7. I'm guessing Jason is that horrible little guy who lived in his mom's basement and was on BB and BBOTT.
  8. Where was it said that she's worth 10 million? She's a print model in LA who runs an Etsy business on the side. That's not exactly the road to riches. I had a friend who did the exact same stuff she does (costume modeling, calendars, magazine ads, etc.) and it just barely covered monthly expenses. I kind of enjoyed the smell segment. I watched a clip on Reddit about a week ago where she was looking for her emoji pillow. She found one next to her bed that looked exactly like the one she was looking for. She sniffed it a couple of times before tossing it aside and finding another. She sniffed that one for a second before snuggling into bed with it. It was funny and now makes sense after that DR.
  9. BB20 House Discussion

    I really miss those kinds of comps. As do most long time fans from what I gather. It was funny when they'd end up with nothing but meat and booze for the week because that was where they decided to focus their efforts. And the luxury comps were always fun. I can't remember what season it was when they set up a clothing "store" in the living room and the remaining houseguests were able to keep whatever they could get onto their bodies within a certain number of minutes. It was fun for the audience to watch and fun for them too. ETA: Just looked it up and it was BB8.
  10. BB20 House Discussion

    I really don't care all that much about Nicole but it was a nice change of pace to the Sunday night show. Too much Paul DR time, not enough Britney DR though.
  11. I seriously doubt they will allow him to speak at the finale at all unless it's to offer an apology. I was happy to see him return over the other three people, but that exit erased any goodwill I had for the guy. What a jerk. It's one thing to be salty about getting evicted, entirely another to take the kind of shot he did at Angela and Tyler. I don't have the feeds so I don't know what they have or haven't done. But as a HG, he definitely didn't know what was happening behind closed doors. He just came off as pathetically jealous and vulgar.
  12. Just saw the pictures of the BB hair salon. Kaycee's hair is absolutely beautiful when it's down!
  13. BB20 House Discussion

    This should be a lot of fun if Bayleigh really is pregnant! I can't see Rockstar doing well at that type of comp. Whether Haleigh or Fes gets evicted tonight, both would probably stand a decent chance at this one. That kind of sucks, I'm tired of them both. I'd like to see Scottie come back.
  14. I don't understand what Haleigh sees in Fessy. He was good looking for about two minutes when the game first started. But his crazy jealousy and total lack of personality proves he's not exactly a catch. Plus now he's always unshaven and sort of greasy looking and wears his hats halfway off his head like an overgrown teenager. I don't think she'd give him a second look outside the house.
  15. BB20 House Discussion

    So Tyler's power expires this week, correct? And with Angela as HOH, he's not going to need it. Two of the three powers went unused. The one power that did get used still didn't work since Kaitlyn wasn't able to find her way out of a paper bag. This is just too funny.