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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this season, and was thrilled with the final 2. I would have been fine with either winning, but am super happy for Kaycee. Maybe Brett and Winston will be on TAR! The Swaggy proposal made me sick. Boogie/Krista 2.0. Anything to stay in the spotlight. Ugh.
  2. Thank you @angelmi for still hanging out and recapping! I know this time of year is not very exciting to recap!!!
  3. I agree. I honestly don’t think I would care who won between Tyler and Kaycee. The best part is they both deserve it. I think Tyler might just throw Final 2 to Kaycee so she picks him to got to Final 2 and JC’s vote goes to Tyler. I don’t think it will be obviously he does throw it and I don’t think he should, but it won’t surprise me either.
  4. I liked the ripped dress tonight. I just wish she had been a little meaner to Angela.
  5. Tyler has become a Mean Girl just like Angela. I’ve really started to dislike him. BB must think people really love their showmance. And I hate how all of them went so crazy for Bebe What’s her face, when you know they were told to act that way. I’m still salty that they got rid of Brett and had to be so mean about it. Brett wasn’t wrong that they should go after the girls. Tyler is just so head over heels for Angela he isn’t thinking clearly. All of them are grating on my last nerve!
  6. Unlike Survivor, who couldn’t survive without Jeff Probst, I always thought BB could survive without Julie. That being said, I agree she is such a huge part of BB, that it wouldn’t be the same.
  7. Honestly, if Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela make it to final 3, it will be the first final 3 in forever that the three best players as far as comp wins have been in it. I hope Kaycee wins the next and final HOH. I am all in for her to win. I also would be okay with Tyler. Please not Angela. My son said it best, “This went from a great season to boring and predictable.”
  8. 6:00 house time. Still at clips. I’m predicting it might be the face morph veto since that is individual comp and takes a while.
  9. Was it the Glass House? The one BB sued for copycatting.
  10. At this point I am all about Kaycee winning this game. Her social game has been on point. She won the hacker, an HOH, and 3 vetoes so far. I hate that she is aligned with Angela, but in the end she can beat anyone who is left, even Tyler.
  11. I think in past seasons it’s been taped. They have a “live” audience filled with employees.
  12. Ugh ugh ugh. Definitely giving all my votes to Brett for AFP. Sam seems to think it will be her crazy butt. Have i mentioned how much I hate Angela? Lol. I’m not interested in this week at all unless some miracle happens. We will probably lose the feeds Wednesday to Thursday anyway.
  13. My mouth dropped open when she said that! And the fact she called him Brent!
  14. I super duper hate Angela. That is all. And she will be dragged to the end because the jury hates her.
  15. Just was discussing BB with my son and I think Britney would be a great replacement.
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