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  1. Good lord! Even her after show exit interview with Julie was boring.
  2. Last I saw, he was looking at putting up Christie and Analeze. His problem with that will be who does he put up if one comes down? He promised too many last week that he wouldn't put them up.
  3. I fully expect to see her making macaroni necklaces on tonight's show
  4. Okay, so I'm kinda liking her. She's sorta funny in a Margaret Cho kinda way. Loving that she uses the stereotypes to poke fun at herself.
  5. There she is folks....this season's leader of the whore pack. And don't even get me started on the whole she called herself a star.
  6. An L.A. public health analyst. Really? That's just too easy.
  7. I'm thinking she might be fun, and normal. Such a rare combination in the BB house.
  8. "I plan to watch two seasons to get a feel for the show." Oh great...one of that skag's recruits.
  9. So long as he washes his hands after he pees, we're good. Although, there's that Derrick thing again.
  10. Is it me, or are this dude's teeth huge?
  11. As soon as he said Derrick is his favorite hammie, I felt the want to shiv him.
  12. It is gross, particularly when that one person (that every yoga class has) passes gas and the whiff of roasted fart fills the room. On the other hand, all that sweating and my skin has never looked better. I'm sorta interested to see if she uses her toymaking skills to design things to keep them entertained. That could help her in the game, you know, being "the fun one."
  13. What's the matter g? Don't you like sand in your clothes? (tee-hee)
  14. So...I really thought that Joe was going to be the one that drove my hatred this season, but no. The assholism from this douchebag is just too much for my day.
  15. When I first saw "neighborhood security" in your post Nixie, I was thinking she's like the guys we have that drive around in the neighborhood looking for trouble. Then I reread her bio and thought, "Yup, Nixie's right. Bitch is Gladys Kravitz."
  16. Watching Tamar's DRs is like if Foxxy Love was a real breathing person.
  17. That might explain some of why she's so awful, but I kind of believe that there's innate bitch there too.
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