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  1. It is gross, particularly when that one person (that every yoga class has) passes gas and the whiff of roasted fart fills the room. On the other hand, all that sweating and my skin has never looked better. I'm sorta interested to see if she uses her toymaking skills to design things to keep them entertained. That could help her in the game, you know, being "the fun one."
  2. Reem Daly - Manu - Made Extinct Week 1

    What's the matter g? Don't you like sand in your clothes? (tee-hee)
  3. So...I really thought that Joe was going to be the one that drove my hatred this season, but no. The assholism from this douchebag is just too much for my day.
  4. She really wanted to be a dentist.
  5. Reem Daly - Manu - Made Extinct Week 1

    When I first saw "neighborhood security" in your post Nixie, I was thinking she's like the guys we have that drive around in the neighborhood looking for trouble. Then I reread her bio and thought, "Yup, Nixie's right. Bitch is Gladys Kravitz."
  6. Watching Tamar's DRs is like if Foxxy Love was a real breathing person.
  7. That might explain some of why she's so awful, but I kind of believe that there's innate bitch there too.
  8. Yup...she looks like she should be a soccer mom
  9. Dude is going to look like Mr. Garrison in a few years...mmmkay?
  10. She had me at the peanut M&Ms, but then she lost me with the Red Vines.
  11. Joe Anglim - Kama - Made Extinct Week 7

    Hated him before and I'll still hate him now. I find it incredibly displeasing that he's still sporting a man bun...instant hate. And about his "superfan friend", who names their kid after a communal toilet?
  12. A waitress from the bronx. Hmmm...I wonder if she'll be like AOC. And I think Nixie is right about the "stint" thing. I'd guess she tried to use the word to make a look smarter, but it was a miserable fail
  13. He might actually be interesting to watch, if he's anything like the movies they've made about his life. Doesn't mean he's going to get far in the game though. Here's his Wiki ... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Clark_(teacher)
  14. Thanks gang...I really thought he said what I thought he said. I need hearing assist lol.
  15. Did he just say that if he went so he can protect himself as well as Ryan? That's what I got out of it and somebody needs to tell him that's not how any of this works