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  1. That whole thing was so cringe-worthy that I went to make a snack instead of watching it
  2. I've been into this season thinking that Brett was the biggest douche bro that walked the face of the Earth, but now, while I still kind of think he's a douche bro, I have to admit he's funny as all get-out
  3. Haleigh always has some new butt-kissing adjective for Julie every week. It's like she's Charlotte and Julie is Wilbur. I really hope she goes this week.
  4. Just got through watching the show, and I'm absolutely flummoxed as to how this guy can be teaching kids that are going to be the future of America.
  5. What Rockstar has failed to realize is, that in her group, she was nothing more than the Duff
  6. What is all this hullabaloo with JC and the metoo movement? Something about two of the girls saying to him that he couldn't say metoo because he wasn't a woman...
  7. Condoms! I should have insisted he used a condom!
  8. I'm with you guys on that. I can't stand when people come into the BB house or go on Survivor and weaponize their children as a mean to try to get further in the game
  9. You might be right Angelmi... actually, you probably are. I was thinking her parents were in Atlanta, but her hometown is in Missouri and that would be a heck of a drive. I've done the drive from Orlando 2 Boston twice a year now for the past 16 years and straight through only takes me 22 hours and 3 bottles of 5-Hour Energy. That's why I was thinking he just drove. I'm with you on that he should have rented a better car though, particularly if he I knew he was going to be on television and wanted to keep up the illusion of the so called "swaggy" lifestyle.
  10. You know what might be funny? Some of the things that his students will say about him after having viewed this season of the show. Kids can be ruthlessly vicious. Somehow, I wish I was school-aged again
  11. Probably just drove. That ultra swaggy Corrolla gets good mpg.
  12. Why would Tyler even consider using the veto on Angie? She needs to get it that nobody in there gives a crap about her life and her kids more than they care about their own. Maybe if she wised up and stopped looking like Hobby Lobby threw up on her, she could actually get a job if she needs the money that badly. Short of that, she should go out, invest in a pair of contacts with horizontal pupil slits, and pretend she's a goat.
  13. I remember that dude. He was the one that had the hair that looked like a sea anenome. Back to Swaggy... I wonder if he'll ask Bayleigh to marry him if she's pregnant. They could get two more shows out of it between the wedding and the birth. Would the child be called a swagglet? I really think that he sees this whole thing as nothing more as a business opportunity.
  14. She really is just like a bayleaf... she adds a little flavor to whatever she's in, but in the end you just throw her away
  15. I'm way past the hate level with her and well into the "die in a dumpster fire" frame of mind. I just knew she was going to be a horribly pushy person from her intro reel. Just one more reason for me to never fly Delta. I can see it now... Me: "Could I bother you for some more orange juice? Just when you have a chance." Her: " If you ask me for anything else for the duration of this flight, I'm going to splay your intestines all over the bulkhead." At which point I'd be hoping for sudden depressurization of the cabin and the sky slut getting sucked out a window.