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  1. Do you think she’s a super narcissistic asshole outside of the house or is this just something she did for fun and is amusing herself seeing how much she can get away with? I AM glad she’s not constantly pimping her press on nails and I say this as a huge fan of press on nails.
  2. I pre-hated Turner. I didn’t care what his weird sister said because she’s a mess herself, but he’s won me over. He’s entertaining, smart, low key, and seems like an actual nice person.
  3. Looks like it was a bandaid. She had a newer one tonight that matched her skintone better. I’m pretty sure she scraped it up in a comp.
  4. I'm torn regarding people being upset he's not being shown respect as a veteran. I come from a family with a strong military presence and definitely respect his service. Does that mean I have to excuse his bad behavior, though? He served so now he can be a huge asshole and nobody had better say anything? I think his demeanor is unbecoming of a veteran, really. And people constantly comparing him to Paul and bashing Paul for being immature and for living at home. Paul just turned 24, is in a band, and has a clothing company. Cody is 32, a military veteran, is single with a daughter , works as a door to door salesman, and readily admits he has no friends and isn't close to his family. The only thing Cody has over Paul is his service. Beyond that, Paul is far more successful and driven at a much younger age. Sheesh. And I don't even like Paul much, I just dislike Cody more. And that sucks because I loved him the first couple of days.
  5. She is constantly wishing out loud that she could hit/kick/drown other houseguests. Wtf.
  6. Totally agree. She's been way less annoying, but then during the live show she amped it up SO much. Made my hate come right back.
  7. Considering how she likes to refer to the HGs by former HGs name, she is now Jennifer, J-Blow, Clown Whore to me. It fits her, right? Friendship, lol.
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