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  1. One night Nicole had to pee So she straddled Hayden's knee She let loose a scream Hayden let out a scream, only to realize it was a wet dream The Havenot Hammies were in need of food
  2. I think Andy was on Elissa's radar because she put him up, but the other HG's would not support voting him out.
  3. It's gotta be be like last year the wall comp than Ian won where you have to be harnessed and wipe glass off in order to get the order of houseguests evicted, or order of noms etc.
  4. Hey all on Jokers somebody posted a one minute song and montage of Spencer winning BB#15, so hilarious http://forums.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/gotothread.php?gotopost=21020809
  5. I agree. The DR's for Dr Will, Dan and Ian were telling because they involved the audience. I for one started to root for the players that played to the fans. These players drew the viewers in and made us part of the game.
  6. I agree that Spencer should win. In my scenario Andy will be voted out third(his worst fear, that he keeps repeating) and that GM/Spencer will both take each other. GM has a foul mouth and foul attitude, she has won comps but pissed off the Jury. So Spencer wins because the Jury is a bitter one and Spencer is more likely to sway the jury. I do agree that this is the worst final three I have ever seen on the show. Andy comparing himself to Dan just pisses me off.
  7. I hope that next season we have a more diverse cast. Who knows maybe some people will be afraid to sign up due to what has happened to some HG's this year. I agree that this site has made this season bearable for me.
  8. All, I know is I want to see McCrae in the final two because he is not being snowed by the other HGs. I can tell from his DR's that he knows he has to win to stay in the game at this point. I hope he wins veto this week cause we all know he is going up.
  9. I agree, I do not want to watch a week of people just sitting around badmouthing other houseguests and talking about the exterminator alliance..... soooo boring.
  10. Dan, I believe that the DR people can lead Mccrea in that direction. Now that Mcrea has won the veto and a replacement nominee has to be placed, he should find out who Andy will vote for and vote the other way so that Spencer has to make a final vote making an enemy in the jury house.
  11. I think that Andy was on Elissa's radar because of what Helen told her the night before she left. Andy does play a negative bashing game and we have not seen many DR's from him. With Dan, Ian, Boogie and Janie in past seasons we have seen more DR's. Maybe I'm wrong but if he was playing a diabolical game we would see more airtime from CBS, right?
  12. I agree chrysana, I did like Dr. Will as well. Andy is just not as exciting a player, he bores me. Bonding with people over negative behavior just is not fun to watch.
  13. I think that Spencer and Andy have a final 2 deal right? So I thing that Chenbot is right that Spencer will get rid of GM.
  14. Boogie hater, I do understand your point. But his "game play" is not as fun to watch as players in the last season. I am a fan of Dan and his "mist" as people have defined it. So playing a weak crybaby is just not exciting to watch. If he was winning instead of whining I would respect him more.
  15. Andy has been mean to every person he was once loyal to. I do not want him to win the game. he is not powerful and whines every time he is put up on the block. He has not proved or earned the right to be in the final 2 in my opinion. I just don't think his game play is worth any prize money. This is my least favorite season and I have been watching this show since Eddie won in season one.
  16. I liked Judd in the beginning on the season but now I do not want him to win. He said he came back and had a clean slate with everyone and then last night lashed out. Honestly I do not think that these people have counted jury votes because they would be playing differently.
  17. She did look like a doe in headlights when Julie was talking to her. That girl is going to have a stern dose of reality when she gets back to Texas.
  18. I can't believe this girl is acting so emotionally scared, Shane is so stupid for believing this girl.
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