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  1. No - he must go . . . egomaniac showing on day 1? Imagine what level he will be on in a couple weeks.
  2. James for sure. He has made me laugh all summer. The voice and accent alone, always make me laugh. Plus, he is never gonna get anywhere with Meg, so we should throw him a bone!
  3. I am rooting for Vanessa. She ran this house most of the summer - hands down. Might have been in the most annoying way, but hey . . it worked. I simply will not root for a chick that can't control her hormones in front of an audience. The jackshack of seasons past, was gross, but amusing. Fingergate was just disgusting This is my opinion of course, clearly, some thought it was riveting. And Steve? I really don't think he has done much this summer but talk to inanimate objects and get brainwashed by Vanessa.
  4. Ha Ha Ha! That banner today is priceless. Poor Fisty, someone needs to tell him that it is not quite Halloween yet!
  5. Fisty has blood on his hands! hahahaha! Classic! Love the Graphic. I was just thinking last night, how sick I am of the over use of that phrase. Fisty has made it fresh for me again. My favorite banner of all time!
  6. What Magpie said. Happy to see James has a pair and he ain't afraid to swing 'em!
  7. and then they cried and cried about it! Pity party much?
  8. I voted Meg, but I really hope Day goes home to her infant child, where she should have been all along.
  9. I thought Julie looked great last night! I was loving for her outfit . . even though it was a little Jane Jettsonish.
  10. I'm with Shannon. I don't know how a mother could leave a baby for 3 months like that. Pfft
  11. Ha Ha, FF . . .I think the shirt says Turn Down. I like this little dude, I laugh every time he speaks, that voice and accent are so unexpected.
  12. uh, labor laws apply to the hammies? I mean I realize they are in California and all . . . but this can't be considered work can it? Are you talking about the monetary penalties that FF was suggesting, or something else?
  13. What FF said. Let them drink and then hit them where it hurts . . the bank account. I like the scoreboard idea too. I have always thought the have not food/room was lame.
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