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  1. What is most amazing is the way those voted off leave. Usually it’s mad or sad or embarrassed - this year it’s all hugs and kisses. I think they understand it’s just a game and are truly enjoying it.
  2. It is really hard to keep up with who has what advantage. And for one person to have FOUR - that’s just crazy! Have any been used yet?
  3. Totally agree. At first, they were a little too much - but they grew on me. The guys and their yelling was overbearing. I’m glad he’s not ‘wrongly incarcerated’ but the whooping and hollering were over the top.
  4. Comparing Celebrity edition with regular - wonder how different the outcomes would have been if those houseguests could have gone home and watched the rest of the season. Yes, the evicted person could give them updates but the DR confessionals are so much more.
  5. I loved watching his expression while T was talking. Rolling his eyes - shaking his head - the look of utter disgust. Awesome!
  6. I think Xander talked too much and was way too arrogant. You could tell by the expressions on the members of the jury - they didn’t like it. His youthful (can’t believe he is only 20!) enthusiasm was a little hard to watch. Congratulations Erica!! You played an awesome game!!
  7. Rule number one - never, ever, ever give up an advantage! I just wanted to scream at my tv.
  8. Could those ‘beware advantages’ be any more in the open? I am getting tickled at the secret phrases at the immunity challenges. How goofy and hilarious - other tribe members are like - what?
  9. Thanks - just really miss this forum.
  10. I really miss the comments on this website - is there another place I can go to get Survivor comments?
  11. That tribe is doomed - and as much as I’d like to see the tribe dwindle to nothing - I foresee a tribal swap soon. Side note - Brad is playing too hard. His days are numbered.
  12. Thanks to Magpie - I would have missed it!
  13. She looked great and she schooled those bullies. Loved watching Michie’s face turn red.
  14. I want to thank everyone - especially Angelmi - for the updates. I’ve watched After Dark a few times - yikes! Angel you are awesome!
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