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  1. Rule number one - never, ever, ever give up an advantage! I just wanted to scream at my tv.
  2. Could those ‘beware advantages’ be any more in the open? I am getting tickled at the secret phrases at the immunity challenges. How goofy and hilarious - other tribe members are like - what?
  3. Thanks - just really miss this forum.
  4. I really miss the comments on this website - is there another place I can go to get Survivor comments?
  5. That tribe is doomed - and as much as I’d like to see the tribe dwindle to nothing - I foresee a tribal swap soon. Side note - Brad is playing too hard. His days are numbered.
  6. Thanks to Magpie - I would have missed it!
  7. She looked great and she schooled those bullies. Loved watching Michie’s face turn red.
  8. I want to thank everyone - especially Angelmi - for the updates. I’ve watched After Dark a few times - yikes! Angel you are awesome!
  9. I want Amanda gone - but I'm afraid that Jessie's outburst will only make the other Hammies know that Amanda is despised in the Jury House and will want to take her to the F2.
  10. Thought it was interesting that it had Helen as one of the evicted houseguests that can come back. I know it is a foregone conclusion - but still seems a bit premature to put her on the list. Should have said the houseguest that is evicted tonight - presumably Helen. Or am I missing something?
  11. But doing it by yelling or nit letting others speak is bullying
  12. I am really having a hard time watching this season. After a couple of interesting blindsides - it is just so predictable. I don't like bullies and Amanda is just bullying her way to the win. Watching her and McCrae is painful. Helen is another bully. Why do the HGs just blindly follow. Just really, really boring this year.
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