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  1. Makes me very sad there is no discussion on Survivor 44
  2. Thank you to all who posted in this forum. I love reading your comments and look forward to your snarkiness. For the first time in a while - I’ve stayed with it to the end. Thanks again - you ARE appreciated!!!
  3. It seemed rigged towards Taylor - just think as a model (or whatever) - she is more in tune with what Julie is wearing since shoes and accessories played a role.
  4. It gets so boring towards the end. Instead of the double eviction on one night - I wish they would just speed up the week. Have the regular HOH - then noms, veto, eviction on Sunday. Start the next HOH for ultimate eviction on Thursday. Just a thought…..
  5. It was quite the hissy fit. I felt for Brittany - that was pretty brutal.
  6. I thought his reaction was priceless. Was definitely honked off. Turner is a player!!
  7. Her greetings to Julie during the voting process are beyond cringe worthy - like way, way beyond.
  8. Jasmine would drive me crazy - please, please vote her out!
  9. Question of the night - how many times will Danny say ‘my wife’ tonight? He says it often….
  10. I like Tyson and Angela. Also loved seeing Tiffany get the boot. I watch Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother - not Love Island. So I’m enjoying seeing old friends. I think the algorithm picking new partners is great. Will just have to see how it plays out.
  11. Anyone watching? Tyson is a comp beast. Rooting for him!
  12. What are your thoughts on the new “The Challenge - USA”? Contestants from Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Love Island?
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