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  1. voted for Alyssa because I want to see the cookout start eating each other. I am so desperate for some semblance of entertainment from these people
  2. 8. Diary Room of the Living Dead
  3. 5. Diary Room Chainsaw Massacre
  4. Brit for both. Every time she opens her mouth on the shows, my hubby mutes the TV. I'm not sure she has an inside voice
  5. Derek F. I need to laugh and I think it would be a total shit show
  6. I'm bored. I would like a Chima sized meltdown please. Gave it a D because I guess it could still be worse....
  7. Claire. Safe till Jury and didn't make an enemy getting it? Win in my book.
  8. 6. Zingbot and the Seven Dwarfs (I forgot how much I enjoyed this thread last year!)
  9. I went with Hannah. I think it will be interesting to see what she does
  10. Tiffany. Is there an alliance she is not a part of?!
  11. I see all those pillows and I hear the guy from the Geico ad saying "you can't really sit" and then pulling off all the pillows
  12. I voted for Brent. Because I already do not like him and my early picks never win.
  13. I'm on board rooting for this one. Love the Hunger Games reference.
  14. First impression is "five-head". Something is just off with her facial proportions.
  15. Every mean thing I thought about Cody this season went right out the window when he voted out Nicole and made her cry. Worth the whole boring 2 hours just for that moment!
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