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  1. @angelmi - congratulations on your great grandmother-to-be status!
  2. Enzo for all the same reasons as copssister. He's not on anyone's radar and looks to be strong to win the whole thing.
  3. "Julie gets better looking every year and I know she really did want to hug me"
  4. 2. They Shoot Targets Don't They
  5. I'm kind of loving that Janelle exposed the whole wedding thing. But perhaps it's because I was never a Cindy Lou Who fan....
  6. I went with Kevin. I'm not a fan of his and I shudder in horror at the thought of an HOH reign but I think he's the only one that may go after the big alliance members
  7. 1. The Good, The Bad and the Fruit Loop Dingus
  8. 9. All the President's Evictions
  9. 8. Janellousy and Loathing in Los Angeles
  10. 4. O Coup D'eTat, Where Art Thou
  11. 5. Die Chilltown with a Vengance
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