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  1. Voted for Joseph for the exact reasons @copssister laid out
  2. I'm going with horny. Hasn't Taylor mentioned being on the horny side since almost the beginning of the game? Gotta admit - I'm happily married for longer than they've been alive and I would have a tough time keeping my dirty paws off of Monte.
  3. I voted for Terrance. We need a shakeup and he's the only one I think that can deliver.
  4. since there was not an option for Lay's and the free promotional mentions they received, I went with the person (Taylor) holding them in every scene.
  5. I really hope Daniel is visiting Julie Thursday. But I want it to be an epic one. Make him think he's completely safe and then boot him. Make him cry.
  6. Am I alone in admitting this one is starting to grow on me a bit in a positive way?
  7. Tip of the hat to the recapping genius that is @CycleRob. I have not made it through one without laughing out loud
  8. OMG She looks like one of Kobe Bryant's daughters in this picture. I am rooting for this one - she's from my area.
  9. She looks like she could be fun. She also has wonky eyes
  10. voted for Alyssa because I want to see the cookout start eating each other. I am so desperate for some semblance of entertainment from these people
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