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  1. I'm sure the "celebrity's" are going to be Pauly Shore or Sanjaya type "celebrity's",
  2. He was sobbing about the medical bills he has for his child with downs syndrome, and how it was draining all their funds, yet he has countless thousands of dollars in hideous tattoo's plastered all over his chubby body!
  3. I voted Austin with the Caveat that he Direct his question to Vanessa and ask why she voted him out.
  4. so basically he is giving up a chance at 500 g's in hopes that maybe just maybe he gets laid! pathetic!
  5. Yes! to many times I've seen this scenario play out, it's not this week, not this week and then before you know it, it's to late, get they out now while the gettin's good!
  6. hope this ok to post! I saw this and thought it was funny!
  7. That was "professional" wrestling at it's worst! altho all 20 people in the audience seemed to enjoy it!
  8. screwed over the tribe for a clue and didn't find the Idol while some else found it without the clue! her and the boy toy need to be 1 and 2 in eviciton, to bad it couldn't have been a double eviction for stupidity!
  9. If I were to go on survivor I would at least make a attempt at some sort of conditioning knowing they would be taping me without a shirt on!
  10. back in Ruperts shadow she goes!
  11. what was funny was when jeff said to her "it must make you feel good that he (hayden) was willing to switch with you" there is no way in hell he was going to switch with her, he as much as told her that! I'm glad she's gone, in my opinion one of the worst players to ever play the game, also got a chuckle out of me when she said "I can't win the challenge its a puzzle and I can't spell" it was a picture puzzle!
  12. you talk about stupid! how some people are broungt back for a 2nd or 3rd chance is beyond me, did they think she would suddenly get some smarts because she was dating a BB winner?
  13. the travesty of it all, now I'm sure she is going to think that all of America loved her, not just the brain dead army of her sister!
  14. I agree with the above posters, Andy played a excellent game in you opinion, he never was in a lock tight alliance until the end, I think that is the fall of alot of players, they stay in a alliance no matter what and it costs them in the end.
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