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  1. Nobody is going to beat Cody. So if Nicole or Enzo can win the final challenges, they cannot take Cody unless they are happy finishing second.
  2. The main thing going against Jackson if he makes it to the end is over the past few seasons, popularity is winning over game play. I wish they would show the evicted house guests entering the house and telling the rest of the jury what has happened. Tommy will be spilling it and when Cliff enters this Thursday he can explain to them how he too got played by Jackson. Will that be enough not to give it to Jackson who has played the best game or will the jury be pissed off at him and give it to Nicole or Holly?
  3. I just can't wait to see the two idiots Cliff and Nicole's face when Jackson votes out Cliff. HA HA HA HA
  4. No one is going to beat Micchie or Holly.
  5. Holly will surely put up Nick but if he gets to be the prankster and gets to put up another Christie and then something to do with the replacement of the veto winner. I voted for Nick. Anything to make it not be predictable.
  6. Christie could save the day and take Jack off the block and put up Kat or Cliff and the other 5 could keep Jackson.
  7. So this is a safe week for all since whoever gets evicted comes back due to Sam's advantage? So if Tyler wins and Bayleigh uses her power only to see in the end that person come back?
  8. James had a great week but he made one fatal flaw if Shelley doesn't go. He and his 3 person alliance always thought they had enough votes. He should have taken Clay off the block and put up Liz. It would have guaranteed him Austin and Julia's votes along with Meg, Jackie and Becky.
  9. There was talk of 4 people Jessie, Judd, GinaMarie and Spencer voting for Candice and then having Aryan be the tie breaker. But why not do it and get rid of Amanda. She's the one that needs to go.
  10. HOH This week

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