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  1. Cody is back. Yep, I'm recapping. He better be shirtless all season.
  2. I haven't recapped for a few years. I might have to come out of retirement for this season.
  3. The haircut proves he is NOT the smarter of the Calafiore boys.
  4. Imo, the reward tonight wasn't worth the heat exhaustion, especially the second place reward. I think I would have mentioned that to my tribemates and suggested that we reserve our energy for the immunity challenge. I was disappointed to see Caleb go. He has grown on me since this season started. Maybe it's just the editing, but he seems like a very different person now. And I like the friendship he had with Tai.
  5. Awww, I miss Shirtless Cody. Yes, that is all I got out of jak's link.
  6. I switch to the HoH and Meg is crunching on cereal. Jackie thinks they can get Austin to work with them. Crunch, Crunch, Crunch. James is in the room too. If the veto comp is the one where they win prizes, they don't want Johnny Mac to play because he already said he wants the money. Apparently, everyone wants Clay to stay. They are now talking about TwinGate. Rehashing how it all went down and it was the downfall of Jason. Crunch, Crunch, Crunch. Post, Post, Post
  7. The doomed Romeo and Juliet are in bed. Clay gets called out for not wearing his mic and Shelli scolds him. She doesn't want everyone hearing him get called out all the time. It doesn't look good for them. Oh honey, it doesn't matter how good you look, one of you is going home. The whine about being on the block. Twin One comes in and the whine to her. Shelli says Vanessa (I'm shortening her name to Van, just because I'm too lazy to type it out) has a plan. They don't know what it is. They are counting votes now. There's a lot of bittercakes here. Twin One says they got a raw deal. Clay wants to threaten James (?) saying he better win every competition for now on. Shelli says he's not doing that. Damn, she's bossy.
  8. Julia gets her luggage and starts unpacking. She and Liz are whine taking about their clothes. Austin lurks in the background. Listening to these 2 is like listening to Doug and Wendy Whiner. Liz tells Julia she has stopped taking her birth control because she forgot a few times and got messed up on where she should be with it. Austin is clearly disappointed about this.
  9. The twins have been in the lounge (what are we calling this room this year?) Catching each other up on the happenings of the last week. They compare notes on Austin and agree he can't be trusted. There's a lot of super stealth whispering going on. I'm not convinced that aren't communicating by mental telepathy....you know, the twin psychic connection or whatever. Liz explains Vanessa's reasoning for not getting Austin out. Now they are wondering how they should act with each other. They don't know. They leave the room.
  10. Clay and Austin in the kitchen talking about who James might put up. Austin thinks it will be both of the twins. He says he isn't throwing anyone under the bus this week. He thinks Clay and Shelli should be able to convince James to "make a separate move." Austin leaves, Clay is cooking. Wait, Austin is still there and is also cooking. I'm hungry.
  11. The twins are in the BR talking about being low on shampoo and they say they have money and they can buy shampoo and we get fish. Their voices annoy the hell out of me. Fish again.
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