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  1. And even when they do explain it, he will never get it.
  2. False. But in March I had big plans to do that. The next poster is a vegetarian.
  3. I agree and I hope he realizes it before that disaster of a wedding.
  4. Victor telling Nicole he's done with her after realizing what she's really like, jerking that rock off her finger and walking out the door.
  5. How many CBS employees did it take to get her in and out of those pants??
  6. A. I can tune out Memphis, but the crying has the whole annoying face attached to it. Would you rather: A) Listen to Nicole whine B) Be deaf for the rest of your life
  7. 2. Planes, Trains & Hinky Votes
  8. 9. Fruit Loop Dingus Scissorhands
  9. It's less boring than the players. Say something nice about Grodner.
  10. A month after the show ends someone would go into that room, see him and say, "OMG, not only does that potato have eyes, it has a nose and a mouth, too!"
  11. Wait a minute, were those people lying to me?
  12. 1. Gone with the Blindside
  13. Why did I have to wear a mask and Julie didn't?
  14. Who will be next though? Someone who craves attention. Wait, that's everyone.
  15. B Animal: Bear Sequester activity: Braiding hair Alliance name: Bayleigh's Bombastic Babes Next Letter: L
  16. 3. The Clown Whore of Wall Street
  17. He's not Frankie. Say something nice about Cliff.
  18. I wonder if this had anything to do with me backstabbing and bullying people?
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