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  1. They make the same clothes in adult sizes. Say something nice about Christmas' tattoos.
  2. They make great stylists for Julie. Say something nice about Mark's pink shorts.
  3. Isn't there a quote that if you come at the king, you best not miss? (The Wire, maybe?) Since Paul has the majority of the house misted even if someone like Mark or Christmas did want to make a move right now, they don't have the ability to awaken enough of the others out of their zombie-like state to actually be able to pull it off. They'd shoot and miss and Paul would point his zombie army right at whoever dared to try.
  4. False. When's the last time someone died from PTSD (Public Toilet Seat Disease)? The next poster has at least five pets.
  5. 96. Lying liars 97. Liars who lie
  6. He hasn't gotten anyone pregnant. Say something nice about Josh.
  7. Jessica: Vaseline
  8. Kevin. I'd like to see if he would bring his game out of the shadows or carry on with his I'm so dumb act.
  9. Is Kevin my real daddy?
  10. So. Much. Wrong.
  11. Happy Anniversary, HT! You're the best thing about Big Brother!
  12. Mark: WILCRY4U Elena: FOOLLIPS
  13. Maybe the people who do the subtitles can't understand Josh either.
  14. Why doesn't everyone want to give me a hand job?