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  1. That Word of the Day calendar he got for Christmas is really paying off.
  2. Add some confetti and you've got the love child of Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly.
  3. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    Anyone have Garrison Keillor or Matt Lauer on their Predator Bingo card?
  4. I'm going to wear these costumes from Big Brother for the rest of my life.
  5. General House Analysis and Discussion

    That's a good point. I'm giving these idiots too much credit to be self-aware enough to realize that Paul was able to play them because they are stupid. They will have to blame it on his betraying their friendship.
  6. General House Analysis and Discussion

    I don't think Paul can win. It's one thing to be in the jury and think, "That guy played a great game and he outplayed me." It's an entirely different thing to be in jury and think, "That guy made me look stupid on national television." And that's what every one of those dummies is going to be thinking.
  7. I am going to continue to play my flawless game even in the jury house. Then I'll be the first Big Brother player to ever win AFTER they were sent to jury! Matthew, let's go to bed right now!
  8. Project Runway

    I can't believe no one in the design room has called the twins down for their ridiculously annoying behavior. At least tell them to stop acting like 2 year olds.
  9. Say Something Nice About...

    When he's wearing an inflatable it kind of hides the tattoo on his chest. Say something nice about Kevin's leathery skin.
  10. Say Something Nice About...

    It would be a real asset to him if he became a soap opera actor. Say something nice about Alex's boobs.
  11. Say Something Nice About...

    They make the same clothes in adult sizes. Say something nice about Christmas' tattoos.
  12. Say Something Nice About...

    They make great stylists for Julie. Say something nice about Mark's pink shorts.
  13. General House Analysis and Discussion

    Isn't there a quote that if you come at the king, you best not miss? (The Wire, maybe?) Since Paul has the majority of the house misted even if someone like Mark or Christmas did want to make a move right now, they don't have the ability to awaken enough of the others out of their zombie-like state to actually be able to pull it off. They'd shoot and miss and Paul would point his zombie army right at whoever dared to try.