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  1. I don't know what she's been doing these past few months but it didn't involve combing her hair.
  2. shopnfoo


    I binged all 8 last weekend and really enjoyed it. Loved the characters, the humor and the heart of the show.
  3. I'm not a fan of Angelina, but when she asked Natalie for her jacket, and then KEPT asking, that was awesome!
  4. Most likely to overdose on bitterness: Bayleigh & Rockstar Most likely to never find his way home unless someone helps him: Fessie Most likely to wonder what she thought she saw in Swaggy: Bayleigh Most likely to not remember she played Big Brother in 6 months: Sam
  5. Sam used gorgonzola to craft hats to hang on the idiots.
  6. Who let Julie go on TV in a nightgown and leggings?
  7. I don't think it will ever happen, but I'd like to see JC win. I'd like to see him put his money where his mouth is.
  8. In the House Discussion section the tag lines after the houseguests names are always great, but the new ones for Haleigh and Faysal are sheer perfection.
  9. Sam is getting a pretty good edit. The only time I remember her even being on last night's show was everyone joking with her about the way she talks and all she did was giggle, like she's just an easygoing, good-natured sport instead of a potty mouth flirt bordering on stalker who's obsessed with bugs.
  10. Her personality runs the gamut from shrill to shrewish. Say something nice about Kaitlin's belief in crystals.
  11. I was too much of a boss ass bitch for them anyway.
  12. Hayleigh is going to think this is so sexy.
  13. Being able to run his hands through his hair without looking in the mirror.
  14. It's not keeping him from his main objective of pawing Haleigh. Say something nice about Bayleigh's choice in men.
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