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  1. Big thanks to all the recappers! Reading about BB makes watching BB better.
  2. I'm going to disguise myself and change my name to Hooch so that people will forget how stupid I am.
  3. I voted for Azah just because I want to see if she will actually attempt to play the game.
  4. I think Brent will go, but I want Britini to go. Not only is she annoying, but if she gets this upset at being nominated now, imagine if she makes it another month or more. She doesn't seem emotionally stable enough to handle stress.
  5. I can't believe they didn't believe me when I promised I'd have their backs if they kept me just because I broke every promise I made while in the house.
  6. A rare case of the mother out-whining the baby.
  7. Lindsay Lohan stars in "A Christmas Story (No, Not That One)". It is the Lifetime biopic of the bloody rampage Christmas goes on after she leaves the BB house where she seeks retribution on all those she feels wronged her, so basically everyone in the house. Ian Somerhalder plays Cody, Bobby Cannavale plays Enzo, an unknown blond actress with a botched nose job plays Nicole.
  8. She had blond hair and two coin slots where her nostrils were supposed to be.
  9. False. But in March I had big plans to do that. The next poster is a vegetarian.
  10. I agree and I hope he realizes it before that disaster of a wedding.
  11. Victor telling Nicole he's done with her after realizing what she's really like, jerking that rock off her finger and walking out the door.
  12. How many CBS employees did it take to get her in and out of those pants??
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