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  1. "Secret alliance" is said. Only a sip because otherwise you'll be at blackout.
  2. Normally yes, but tonight we're having pizza. The next poster will UberEats some fries to @Tsylyst and not just fast-food stuff. We're talking thick, maybe steak fries. And an assortment of condiments.
  3. Is that a worm on your hook or are you just happy to see me?
  4. Jessica: he's a douche. (Is that 4?)
  5. Nope. Way too violent for my tastes. The next poster is sipping sangria on their back deck, enjoying a lazy summer afternoon.
  6. If only I was one of those Asians and could calculate trajectory and velocity so I could avoid direct hits.
  7. I would watch that, I can already hear the audience shouting the title during the opening. Chenbot could be the first celebrity player.
  8. Counts No. I used to, before I got sick and tired of most RHs. BH is the only one I watch now. Note that I do not count Survivor or TAR as really horrible. The next poster wants to move to Northern California with our wonderful 110° temperature and take @ChristinaYY place.
  9. I think that's one of those "made from toilet paper" outfits.
  10. Watching the veto competition, we know someone in production takes the bus to work; there's a Metro Rapid 794 schedule on the table. Obviously, new CBS hires (read: entry pay) are assigned to BB. 794 doesn't come close to Studio City, so the poor person has to take at least two buses to work.
  11. Who are you to question, with all of your obvious issues?
  12. Quiznos Special Food-Poisining Sandwich Menu
  13. Power is back in the West Valley, so the only issue will be the ancient A/C units straining against the almost-110° heat.
  14. Not specifically related to the game, but there's a big power outage in the West San Fernando Valley. Transformers exploded, probably due to the heat. Although Studio City isn't served by this substation, CBS may have to cut back on power consumption to keep the grid stable.
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