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  1. I hope Chicken George is a guest competition host this season!
  2. Can we get some editors who like curves?
  3. Oh god yes. A woman friend of ours (early 50s) fell on her ass all shit-faced and we all got a spectacular view of Ms. Friend. I’m glad for her that she feels confident enough to go commando.
  4. Hey. That’s my home town you’re talking…oh, wait, I was happy to get out of there (to Sacramento?) and I’m glad I only go back to visit. Carry on.
  5. Yes, one of those whom you can shut up by putting them in handcuffs.
  6. A lot of contradictions going on here, after I watched his interview. First he seems all frat bro, as I noted above, then his video. Either he’ll be under the radar game-wise for the first few weeks, in which case he’ll go far, or out in the first two. The child therapist means he has basic training all around and can deal with adults (since adults are the ones that usually screw up kids), so there could be an attempt to be the puppet master.
  7. “On this episode of Trading Spaces, BB Hamsters and Frank & Hildi decorate rooms!”
  8. Let me shout out to all the recappers, thanks for taking one for the team.
  9. Probably on a digital side channel where it gets tens of viewers a day.
  10. Sure! Man, now I’m thinking of a HT wine tour, hitting all the non-haughty AVAs in California.
  11. *blush* Thanks! Well, I am using calming music for our rescue Golden with serious fear issues. I have an Amazon Music playlist and I can stream it to the Echo in his room.
  12. Estoy votando por Jessica, porque tengo acuerdo con la tema de “milagro”.
  13. I’m surprised she’s stuck by her man. She must have incriminating photos. Of others.
  14. Well, if she played college soccer, she’s got the ass. But strangely enough, I don’t see her on the USWNT, so she obviously needs to find a different line of work.
  15. He’s from the area known as Pennsyltucky. That’s all you need to know.
  16. What’s up with that dress? Does she sell that in her "boutique"? Will her staff be robbing her blind while she’s gone?
  17. At least she escaped NJ for better locale. On my good list.
  18. Just live until you can’t live anymore. Dude, that’s called death.
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