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  1. I think, after seeing him on this show, his local police force from his hometown may have some questions for him about a few missing persons cases.
  2. I don't know if she realizes that Austank is a bit unstable. The way she's leading the neanderthal on, it could go completely sideways once he becomes aware of it. I hope they have some big "handlers" when it goes down.
  3. I hope she never wins another HOH. I can't take another week of her bitching and whining about "blood on her hands". It's fucking Big Brother you freaking twat! That's the game! That goes for Shelty too
  4. Wow, she lies more than a fat man in a sleep study. Pretty messed up that she "forgets" a conversation the minute it's over.
  5. It didn't lessen Cody's status, he still is first runner up. Donny didn't ask to be part of Team America but he was voted in by We the People, and then by winning America's Choice by getting 50% of the vote reinforced the choice. By making them exempt would have meant that America's Choice wouldn't have really been America's choice.
  6. Fake prayer? She was fake everything... what a hypocrite
  7. She knows... When they all were up in HOH and she closed the door between rooms to be with Cody and Cody said it made him uncomfortable she was like whatever. She knew she was pushing Caleb's buttons because she knows how he is. If she had taken Caleb aside early on when this first started and been firm about it we wouldn't even be talking about this.
  8. I don't disagree with you in the least bit, I'm just saying that when someone puts themselves up there in the spotlight, comments and tweets like those are going to be made. We all have opinions and we want them heard. She does have an exceptional bro in law... on the other hand, perhaps he has a little Caleb-itis himself. Hmmmm
  9. People see what they see. Writing some long boring rebuttal in her defense is ridiculous, and trying to blow up twitter with all of those "Amber's not that way" tweets is too. She signed up to be on the show and we all know it's going to bring out a lot of people who interpret things in their own ways. Wouldn't her brother in law feel a bit thick if she gets evicted and says she did those things? I'm not saying she has or hasn't, and I haven't seen it myself, but it seems as if others may have. The most unfortunate part is the person who wrote it, her brother in law, has obviously jumped on the "politically correct" train to be "so offended" by things that are being tweeted or said. She decided to put herself in this fishbowl us hamsterwatchers love to talk, write, and tweet about, so he should sack up and grow a thicker skin.
  10. I think it's because Cali has pretty much become a smoke free state... A buddy of mine went out there a couple of months ago and said he got messed with for smoking while walking down the street. Ah, the left coast
  11. My thoughts on the Frankie Phenomenon is the fact that he is just all around a good nice person and he has a personality that's addictive to others. He just is himself and his affection for everybody in the house is infectious even amongst the men.
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