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  1. He reminds me of the food network sandwich guy that won the reality show, but more like they returned him for an upgraded 2.0 version.
  2. I half expected elvira to be a special surprise house guest the way Julie was dressed.
  3. POLL: Pre-show Prediction

    I'm going with Ricky if they let him have his "medicine".
  4. He beat ball cancer. That takes balls. Can't resist low hanging fruit.
  5. His basic story that I remember was he kept failing pot tests in the league, said screw it and "retired" so he could smoke as much as he wanted for a year or two. He was a top rusher at least once I think. Then he came back and played again for a few years. I heard he started a pot themed business too, he might have some good stories for the feeds.
  6. This guy has me interested since I took on a new role as a reporter I got offered from some digging I did on reddit. If anyone hears him, or anyone else, mention Qanon, or "The Storm", let me know with a timestamp and I'll credit you in any article about it if your the first to let me know. Not trying to get into a political discussion on it, just asking for a heads up if it comes up and I miss it for a story I'm working on. Thanks! Private messages are fine.
  7. Who decided it was a good idea to make everyone super shiny in the promos and made Joey the shine to beat? That glow... whoa!
  8. The ABCs of BB

  9. no Mark I'm more famous than you! Or at least I WAS!!
  10. The ABCs of BB

    Small talk
  11. I meant more like "he grows on you"
  12. This pic I found of him in an article seems to sum him up great. It doesn't seem fake at all, he seems genuine and somehow doesn't come across as that "jock" type. He's a grower! http://tinyurl.com/u9gbwo6
  13. Casting Call - Answer with a question

    Or was it more like an "everyone has had their turn" kind of turn?