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  1. Big D is actually growing on me. I think taking him to the final 2 would insure a win for whoever took him.
  2. I don't dislike X at all. I think he was the glue that kept the Cookout on plan. There were several times Cookout could have been fractured but he held them together. The fun will be now watching the six. I would like a final 3 of the three guys just because I'm no fan of Tiffany. Seems I'm in the minority this season with my favorites or least disliked.
  3. I'm good with anyone but Tiffany.
  4. Thanks Magpie. I think I really expected not to like her at all before the show started and then she didn't bother me so much.
  5. I've pretty much given up on the season. Was at least hoping for some major drama at F6 but with 3 going home in one night I don't even expect that now. My question is why is there so much Sarah Beth hate? Every white person in there is taking their lead from there "trusted" CO partner. Did I miss something?
  6. At this point I think we can only wait until all of the white people / Derek X are out of the game for the real claws to come out. I also think at this point it is best to keep Ky around because everyone would win against him. I like Ky and think he is playing a good game his speech struggles show when he is lying or trying to explain something and no one except Sarah Beth has patience for that. I expect Tiffany to be one of the first to go in the cookout.
  7. I think this week could be fun if Tiffany is on the block. Especially if she is next to another CO member.
  8. JunkTV

    poll Grade Week 6

    I went with B because any week we have Brit on the block is not an awful week.
  9. Does Britini know that she is going on the block? I'm hoping for an afternoon of tears.
  10. We were tired of Big D's mouth before he was nominated. He will never shut up being on the block.
  11. My gawd if you don't want your side hustle on the block win veto. To be pissed because Ky isn't putting up Sarah Beth is ridiculous. I'm ready for her to sit on the block for a while.
  12. I think and hope it will be Christian. I like Sarah Beth way more than I thought I would.
  13. JunkTV

    poll Grade Week 4

    I gave it an F. Boring.
  14. I went with Sarah Beth. Just want to see what she would do. I also wouldn't mind a Derek X HOH.
  15. Well, I would love for Brit to leave so I said "yes" and 'no". We are stuck with Brit for at least another week.
  16. JunkTV

    poll Grade Week 3

    Not the absolute worst week in BB since we got to see Brit cry again but rather boring. I only turned the feeds on for half an hour all week. I want the days where we would wait hours to see if Janelle was able to save herself.
  17. Just shut up. He is planning his HOH and the questions he is going to ask. He is telling everyone what those questions will. Dude you've got to win first.
  18. Big Derek is the dumbass of the season. He never shuts up so we aren't completely void of dumbasses yet.
  19. I voted Christian. I don't really care for him or Alyssa but I have not problem with him shaking up some people who feel really safe.
  20. I think it will be Brent but I prefer Brit just because Azah will have a holy fit if she does.
  21. I went with Brent because everyone is planning on putting him up next week. I just need a little chaos (not Frankie level chaos).
  22. JunkTV

    poll Grade Week 2

    C- I wanted to see an all week melt down by Frenchie and although he started off that way once on the block he hasn't been nearly as entertaining accepting his eventual departure as I had hoped.
  23. And the season has begun. Britini is reading the Bible hoping for a sign from Jemekas OGG that she is safe.
  24. I'm not sure if Ky found out last night who the 2nd vote was but French just told on the person who wanted it to be anonymous. So he threw Tiffany under the bus. Frenchie finally left the HOH and Ky is talking to the camera. He didn't buy the BS that French tried to sell.
  25. White knight Frenchie is going to handle everything. He is ok going home. He was going to donate most of the money if he won. Savoir Frenchie is going to win the veto for Britni. Looks like Ky's speech hit hard. Hi Angelmi. I'm practicing a few minutes of recapping. I've been watching all of you for years but I don't have the snark gene like the rest of you do.
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