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  1. I don't care as long as it isn't Michael. I should say it would be fun watching Twitter is Taylor goes so I wouldn't mind that.
  2. Good morning. 9:55 am BBT I turn on the feeds hoping to catch some pre-nomination discussions. What I get is a showering Alyssa with Brit hanging out on the bathroom sofa and a sleeping Turner. I do think Terrance is in the DR. From what I've read, Mike's bland (leaving that because it is bland) / plan is to put up Alyssa and Terrance with Turner going up if one comes down. Alert - back to the live action. A body moved but it is cover and I only see the foot. Someone is still alive in the BB house.
  3. I wasn't watching and having seen any video of this yet but looks like the insiders had a Veto comp and Brit won.
  4. Well Holy Hell. I wake up at 4:30 am HT to see Michael and Taylor talking in HOH. She leaves so no idea what was said. I run outside to the backyard and all the guys are there huddles around what might be their makeshift kitchen.
  5. I chose Michael but I'll take a Turner win too.
  6. Joseph is going to kill his game. He wanted to infiltrate the non-leftovers. His team was good with that until they saw he was getting very close to the girls and basically wanted him to stop. He is securing his place in both alliances. The idea that he was begging to be put up as a pawn is a further indication that he feels completely safe all around. He needs to slow down and stop with the both sides or he will be the first Leftover out.
  7. Noms are over and Indy is up. She asked the cameras to follow her to the phone where she called Jameka's OGG to help her win the veto. It also sounded like she called OGG her sugar daddy. Will need to rewind that. Yes she said she will be fine because OGG is her Sugar Daddy. I'm not touching that one. Waiting on confirmation that Terrance is also up. Terrance is up and he asked Joseph to save him with veto. Joseph is up in HOH pleading his case to GO ON THE BLOCK. What is it with these people?
  8. Tuning back in. The meeting of the minds - Terrance, Alyssa and Jasmine - trying to understand how Taylor could put Terrance up as a pawn. Terrance hates that bitch and he is working on jury management. I didn't catch if he was working how he was going to influence the voting from the jury house or if he was working the hamsters in the house. My best guess is he thinks he will be in jury. The mastermind that is Terrance is now sharing with Alyssa that they have to work harder because that side will take them out. I go looking for something better and find Jasmine has moved to the kitchen with Tuner and Monte. Turner and Monte playing chess with their English accents. Seriously, it is nominations and this is the best we have.
  9. Taylor talking to the camera. She really wants to get Jasmine out but can't because she came to this game because of the Cookout. But she is going to put Terrance up so I'm not seeing the strategy here. Looks like her plan is to put up Indy and Terrance and if one of them comes down she wants Alyssa gone. I hope I'm following this correctly.
  10. Big Brother - "What do you not understand about please get up" angry voice Taylor - was that for me that was kinda mean Remainder of the hammies do not move "We'll Be Right Back" BB is going to kick ass now.
  11. Part of the morning crew has been missing in action. Sorry about that but JunkTv had to finalize her divorce this week. She is now as free as Daniel. Although I feel sure Daniel isn't doing the same happy dance as Junk has been doing. Anyway, back to the house of lies and mistrust and all evil in the world. All sleeping hammies but I'll be here for when Sleeping Beauty awakes and begins her conferences with all the girls who hated her from the moment she walked into the house until the moment she won last night.
  12. He is my second favorite after Michael. I think my favorite moment from the show was the Jasmine touch / non-touch foot scene last night. Muffingate is pretty good too. Now if he could just get a haircut.
  13. Feeds are back. Unsure who won. Looks like Michael / Brit won. This could get interesting because there is a chance he will keep noms the same.
  14. Good morning in hamster land. Currently it is 6:15 am HT and Kyle gets up. Someone is sitting at the kitchen isle and it may be Kyle but the lights are off. Veto day. So many options and no plans can be made until veto is played. Last night Terrance was willing to throw veto so they could stay on the block and Monte could go. There has never been a season when so many are willing to put themselves on the block.
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