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  1. Feeds are back and Jackson didn't use the veto. Sis thought for a minute he sounded like he would. Christie says it is what it is.
  2. Jackson has said if either come off the block replacements with be Nick or Tommy.
  3. I would love for Holly to win and watch Sis try to convince her to use the veto on her.
  4. Turn on the feeds and hear this gem - I am not going to cry when I'm nominated. I'm getting all my crying out now. This from Christie Crier.
  5. I've a million errands to run today but I can't bring myself to do any of them. I can't miss the tears after nominations. ETA - it is now Sun 2 HT and I just did a FB to Christie right after the veto. When did the hamsters have to have a mourning time after veto. I can't wait for her to leave.
  6. Normally, I wouldn't care if Jack or Jackson went first. But since Christie is the person I dislike the most this season I hope it is Jack just to make her shed a million more tears.
  7. I will check in this week to see who he puts up and how they react. If there is some drama with the cool kids fighting I'm in for that. I'm thinking most of the hatefulness will turn to ass kissing this week.
  8. I should have said I tried to watch the feeds and after a week or so I had to turn them off. I saw hateful people. Not the typical asshole people we see on Big Brother but people that I think are awful humans and I don't want to waste my time watching.
  9. I had high hopes for this year. I even planned to do recaps but I haven't watched the feeds or the show. Such hateful people. I watched Love Island (awful show) and turned it off when BB came on. I come here for the updates. I may watch tonight for the and hope for a Nicole HOH.
  10. I think FUG will see who wins it and then decide which classic power they will get. I'm guessing if it is part of H8ful then it will be the one with the lease power because half of America is ready to tune out the rest of the season.
  11. Has anyone heard that Jack's ex left him for a woman? I've wondered if that is why Jack is trying so hard to get Christie because he needs to feel like he can get a woman that is into women. No idea where I read this.
  12. I think Jack(ass) will be one of the houseguests most shocked by how much America hates him. His total douchness will live on youtube forever.
  13. My hate level with the asshats is at an all time high. I don't every remember disliking so many of the hamsters so early in the season. I can count on 4 fingers how many I can tolerate and that includes David who we don't even know yet. Any of you have favorites? I'm all for hamsters being snark material but these seem so filled with hate they aren't even fun to watch.
  14. Nothing happening - girls Christie, Kat, Jessica, Nicole and Kemi are counting votes. Discussion moves on to the next HOH competition. I think Christie can equal Jack for blowing butterflies up people's ass. She talks a lot about love and how everyone loves everyone. This one gives me a Vanessa vibe but not sure why. Basically very little happening with these girls so I'll love for something more interesting. Moving on to the backyard. Nick is living his best life this week because he is 100% safe this week. There is a dark haired girl sunning beside him but I have no idea who. Jackson is in the background working out. Moving on again w/ Kemi and Nicole dancing in the storage room. By the time I get there skippy has moved on.
  15. You are damn good at your job. I look for your posts year after year. Now another question - who is Scott? I need whatever you are drinking.
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