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  1. He is my second favorite after Michael. I think my favorite moment from the show was the Jasmine touch / non-touch foot scene last night. Muffingate is pretty good too. Now if he could just get a haircut.
  2. Feeds are back. Unsure who won. Looks like Michael / Brit won. This could get interesting because there is a chance he will keep noms the same.
  3. Good morning in hamster land. Currently it is 6:15 am HT and Kyle gets up. Someone is sitting at the kitchen isle and it may be Kyle but the lights are off. Veto day. So many options and no plans can be made until veto is played. Last night Terrance was willing to throw veto so they could stay on the block and Monte could go. There has never been a season when so many are willing to put themselves on the block.
  4. Michael has been conducting his interviews for the last couple of hours. His current plan is to put up the guys (Monte, Joseph, Terrence). Michael and Kyle do not want to send Daniel home this week because Daniel is alone. Taylor volunteers but doesn't want to call it volunteering to go on the block if she has to.. Her nine lives will expire at some point so girl needs to be careful. Everyone loves Michael and he has a house full of best friends. I'm sure on Thursday night Michael will be history and there will be a new Queen / King of the house. The only person that Michael seems to give extra info and more game play info to is Kyle. Muffingate continues.
  5. Rise and shine. The hamsters are up. Michael up in the HOH . Walking dead hammie (Daniel) in the kitchen getting his morning java going so he can sit around and bitch all day about how much he hates the game and how unfair it is. Sleeping beauty has ignored the wake up call as she is dreaming of her knight who is nowhere to be seen at this point.
  6. I said Taylor because not only did she survive but it looks like she has a real final three with Michael and Brit.
  7. We have a meeting of the small pea brains in the storage room (Jasmine, Joseph and Alyssa). Then things are broken up because Michael and Indy join. Nicole bulldozed in got what she needed and walked out. Joseph tries to plead the case of sending home the great Nicole. Indy on the other hand is convinced if Taylor doesn't go home today she is going to win the game. Monte joins the storage group. Decides that it stresses him out and heads out the door. OMG now everyone is now trying to convince Indy. Jasmine and Alyssa are now on the get Nicole out train.
  8. A quick special announcement. JASMINE has lost the scooter. She is on two paws now with a boot on the injured one.
  9. I'm here for a few minutes before heading to the ocean to get my tan on. I've been following Nicole around the house and we have the same speech to everyone. She hasn't lied to anyone in this game. She is here to play and half the house doesn't care about the game. In case you all were wondering Nicole is honest and doesn't lie or talk about anyone in this game. Well, she admitted to Brit she talked about her but seems she apologized so she could get that vote. Nicole worked on Monte a bit in case there is a 5-5 tie. She moved on to Alyssa to assure her that she is honest and played this game the right way. More of Nicole's delusions about how great she is. Taylor has basically been sitting alone looking like she is the one going home.
  10. I'm kicked to the shower with Joseph. Imagine Joseph being the best looking of the season. This crew was not chosen as eye candy that is for sure. Daniel shows up. Indy is sitting pretty trying to "reorganize her brain". Indy obviously doesn't have much to say to Daniel so she suggests they go out. I change feeds trying to find some drama and all is quiet. Hammies eating and some chatter on the other side of the backyard with no feed.
  11. I'll run over to Nicole and Daniel. Taking one for the team here. Nicole put 2+2 together and Daniel put 2+2 together and between the two of them they are coming with enough votes to save Nicole. And I'm kicked out to the storage room. Nicole / Daniel are talking about what a fucking awesome team they are. She still isn't going down without a fight. Votes for Nicole according to the dynamic brainchildren would be Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Daniel, Terrance, Jasmine and Michael. Daniel keeps saying he didn't have time to fact check the info before veto but it doesn't matter they can fact check now because Taylor is going home. Nicole dancing and excited she is going to the DR.
  12. I'll add a few things from last night that are must go back and watch incidents. 1) All in the backyard and Jasmine and Alyssa are chatting on the lounge chairs. Jasmine was eating something or more like licking something and sticking it in a cup and then licking it again. Yes, it was as awful as it sounds. Turns out it was SUGAR in a cup and she was sticking a pickle in the sugar and then licking the sugar off. I would much rather see the girl each some chicken wings. 2) Nicole was bitching because Taylor was walking around in jean shorts (unzipped) over her bathing suit. Saying she Taylor can show her p**** all she wants. 3) Taylor and Joseph (the real budding showmance) decide they will do Amazing Race together. 4) Indy made a party tray with all of Tuner's vegan food and he was pissed.
  13. I've had the feeds going all day. Boring day. Nicole is making the rounds and taking time to bash Ameerah at every stop. Nicole spent a long time with Monte this morning and she is sure she has 6 or 7 votes to stay but she doesn't want to go up. Nicole currently trying to get info from Kyle who is saying he doesn't get info so can't really help her. Nicole is cooking up a bunch of rehash rehash rehash rehash cakes. She has repeated the same thing for at least 6 hours now. Oh yeah, Jasmine did mention her chicken wings as soon as she can eat.
  14. 7:30 am HT Everyone sleeping. I'll keep the feeds on in case one of these lazy people decide to wake up and give us some drama. I do expect Nicole to have a full meltdown today and I'm here for it. 10:15 am HT Big Brother is waking them up. Most are slow to move. Fingers crossed for all out hammie drama today.
  15. Am I the only one seeing the genuine conversations between Taylor and Joseph? I watched them a bit yesterday and they have nice easy following conversations. Not sure if Joseph is attached outside of the house but they would make a cute showmance if we have to have one this year.
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