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  1. How many neoprene outfits did they bring with them? Is it going to be a new color combination every week?
  2. Bachelor/ette

    Why do they always pick the safe choice for The Bachelorette? Wouldn't someone like Demi be much more entertaining? She'd be bringing all sorts of drama.
  3. 100% what MrsGryn says about the chickens. If I had to kill a chicken with other options available in the real world, I'd go vegetarian (or more specifically lacto-ovo). But, playing the game of Survivor, I'd kill that chicken personally without giving it a second thought. I really hope that Wendy has to suffer some sort of repercussions for her actions before the new tribes are picked.
  4. As usual, so much better than the actual show! But, Keith annoys me. Where does Survivor keep finding all of these people who don't know how to swim? Swimming is not even a remotely challenging skill to pick up... at all. If you spend over 5 minutes in the water, magic happens. You can swim. He's been stranded on a beach for days... the perfect place to practice. I'm starting to think they deliberately stunt cast one wacky "non-swimmer" character who refuses to even try to learn to swim at least once every other season.
  5. I think initially Tamar said it was "borderline" racist. But, then she went to the diary room...
  6. Ha! And, M&Ms... Given God's prominence, I can only assume this list is in order of preference. If true, I guess she'd rather tan properly than eat.
  7. Two surgeries... stints?? (I think she means stents, btw.) And, countless vet visits for a guinea pig? How much does a guinea pig even cost? Wouldn't it be smarter to get a new one that looks just like the sad, sickly one? Also, who's caring for this sickly guinea pig while she's on Survivor? I have a feeling she might be needing a new pet real soon.
  8. In mildly entertaining news, POP just gave Tom what might be the worst gift of all time... a mini bag of champagne flavored gummy bears to celebrate his HOH win. Nice. Then, Kandi gets all emotional about being questioned about this new power and picks a little bitty baby fight with Tom. And, queue the tears. Tamar, Lolo, and NEM are bouncing in the little pool. Tamar is being super shrill and screechy. So, I have to go now.
  9. So, Kato Kaelin is winning the most likable (or more accurately, least annoying) houseguest award? It's really good to see that production is not afraid to embrace the most literal text book definition of a shit show.
  10. Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction

    They decided Extinction Island sounds more ominous?
  11. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Love everyone!! (I think this is the first time that I'm almost sorry to see a season end.)
  12. The Final HOH

    I knew that. I guess I forgot? Or, for no apparent reason, I decided to completely block that reality out of my mind and play a version of fantasy Big Brother in my head?
  13. The Final HOH

    I wouldn't be so sure that they ever really had a "real thing" in Tyler's mind. ( I think Kaycee believes it 100%. ) What if the only thing that makes the two of them the real thing is the fact that she's the only Level 6 member still in the game? So, now, he's saying they were the real final two. But, were they really? Who knows? Given the fact that Tyler didn't hand the first part of the final HOH to Kaycee like he said he was going to, I wouldn't be surprised if Tyler lets JC win the final HOH to let him vote out Kaycee just so Tyler won't have to do it. But, that's a serious gamble. So, maybe he's just playing both options right to the very bitter end. The only thing I know for sure is that Tyler is still playing the game.
  14. I wouldn't quite say that I'm thrilled at this idea. I've never really enjoyed JC at all... in any way what so ever. But, in a twisted way, this would be more than a little bit amusing. And, i'd sorta love Brett tormenting Tyler with this... For All Time... if it's Kaycee that ends up booting his ass over Angela.
  15. If the next season of celebrity BB is already ordered by the network, wouldn't Julie already be attached to the project for the new winter season?