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  1. Pistachios What's your favorite summer cocktail?
  2. Jade

    Survivor 41

    Or, working off the The Rockies idea.... why not just throw them in a remote camping ground? There must be dozens in remote enough areas not to draw too much attention. There are gorgeous camp grounds all over the place.... near lakes and rivers and the beach. There'd be plenty of room to build comps. They won't have to destroy any real wild life. And, they might even be able to fish.
  3. Speaking of loose.... what about the photos on the bedroom walls hung on wires? Are those paper photos and metal clips removable? They're so low hanging, taller house guests are sure to knock them down (and tear and destroy them) on day one.
  4. Jade

    Food Shows

    If anyone's bored and looking for cooking content... Bon Appetit has a really great YouTube channel with tons of content... Gourmet Makes with Claire (She tries to reproduce things like the Cadbury Egg and Girl Scout Cookies... It's Alive with Brad Leone (lots of fermented stuff like pickles and sourdough) and Trying Everything on the Menu with Alex Delany (he visits NY restaurant icons and orders one of everything on the menu and then lists favorite menu items at the end) But, my favorite is the new Test Kitchen at home videos that they're doing. You get to peek into their home kitchens and learn about all their favorite things. Also, Epicurious has an amazing video "How to Mix Every Cocktail" with Jeff Solomon. Almost every version of his cocktails are close to perfection.
  5. Mockingbird, can I ask what your doctor recommends for your symptoms? All I see on the news is "treat the symptoms" which is far to vague to be useful. The best tips I've found researching online so far are: https://drhyman.com/blog/2020/03/17/protect-yourself-from-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR1UmxQYxfWKoEAEUGhOjebt_YEzSrSsfiLQuAnhLM48Q72LYtFNuveN5nM
  6. Has anyone gone to a grocery store this weekend? Funny, scary, or both?
  7. If you don't have to give up all the tokens when you get voted out, I guess this adds another level of strategy to the game. But, only if the players keep their fire token count a secret. If everyone knows who has fire tokens to get back in the game, those people will never be voted out. And, it seems like the exiled player's tokens will keep being turned over to the ones in the game with the most allies. This adds a strong "popularity contest" aspect to the game... this might be less fun to watch. If they do have to give up all the fire tokens, handing out more than one at the end of each episode.... it seems like these tokens are going to add up fast for a few players who will then in turn be almost untouchable.
  8. Wasn't the whole point of Edge of Extinction to make them fight extra hard for everything? Then, almost immediately, Natalie gets an immunity idol that she "sells" to Sandra for a fire token. So, now, she has 1 token (out of 3 to get back into the game) that required no real work on her part. No work=1 token for Natalie + Sandra gets an Immunity Idol (no effort required) This makes no sense. Are they going to give something to Amber?
  9. Do they always end with a final 3 now? And, does third place get any sort of prize? I haven't seen any mention of prize money for second or third in the last few seasons. If there's no prize for third, it might be remotely entertaining to see her come in third. The ultimate Survivor experience with no extra benefits.
  10. Why would anyone want to make slop into ice cream? Isn't it some sort of protein powder and breakfast grain mixture? Wouldn't that be just as disgusting frozen as it is in its normal slop state?
  11. Pink lace is never a good idea for an adult. And, that ruffle on the bottom just makes it worse. (Maybe... If the dress was a simple layer of the same sheer lace fitted at the waist and through the hips, it might not have been quite so awful?)
  12. If those are real bales of hay, wouldn't they be full of bugs?
  13. She actually put those words in writing. And, yet, zero warning bells went off for Big Brother casting?
  14. Jade

    General Drama

    Yes, he said 3,000 pages over two books. Actually, he said the last two books will be 3,000 pages or more (as needed). He's still working on The Winds of Winter. Then, the last book will be A Dream of Spring. I don't think any of his books have been 1,500 pages. I'm pretty sure the longest is just over a thousand. So, it really sounds like 2 books and something else... a novella or reference book?
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