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  1. How long until the first one of these mental giants breaks something trying to climb onto the rock wall from the second floor? 24 hours? And... Are those pointy edged sofas there to break their fall? Great job, BB!
  2. JC Monduix - The Spanish Leprechaun

    I was watching old CSI episodes. There's this one where they find a secret room in one of the houses they're investigating. It looks like a nursery....but for adults. So, I guess one person dresses up like a baby and the other person does whatever (insert the most disgusting thing you can imagine in this scenario). I can't even... there are no words for that level of nasty. By far, that's got to be the most repulsive sexual fetish I've ever had the misfortune of learning about. Maybe he's into that?
  3. True or False – Getting Acquainted

    False! Who would eat food out of a pouch like a dirty little critter?? (And, if you want garbage free beaches, try the stretches of white sand beaches where the private beach houses are located. They tend to be garbage free.) The next poster swears that if this season of Big Brother sucks, it will be their last.
  4. True or False – Getting Acquainted

    True. We've had two beach vacations so far this year, with beach house rentals where we lucked into perfect weather. We have another planned. And, then, my birthday will be my choice of location. And, then, we'll pick a brand new spot that we've never visited for Christmas. The next poster hates beach vacations.
  5. General Reality Shows

    I doubt it's about money. It's all about the attention she can get. But, then again, that's most of Hollywood. It just feels slightly ickier the way she's using religion as the attention grabber.
  6. General Reality Shows

    I don't like or dislike Leah. But, not only did she cash in.... She waited until she was on the decline to use this case to cash in and one-up her "celebrity" for another 15 minutes of fame. If she still had a prime time show, would she have said anything? Now, she's on the downturn and she's going to use another religion to further her career. She's the most unpleasant form of opportunist.
  7. Your recaps are ALWAYS better than the show, MrsGryn. But, if not for the recaps, I would have stopped watching the show by now.
  8. Wendell Holland - Lavita - Winner!

    The nice guy finally won... and it just feels wrong. The Survivor brainwashing is complete. I've hated Dom from day 1. But, he really did play the better game.
  9. Maybe he'll be on the BB/Amazing Race season, I'd watch that.
  10. Will Win/Want To Win

    I'm completely ambivalent about this entire cast, except for Donathan. I hate him for no specific reason. Well, that's not entirely true. I hate his name. And, I hate that every time I hear his name I can't stop thinking, "What the hell kind of name is Donathan?" Every time someone says his name, I think someone is mispronouncing or lisping a real (less annoying) name.
  11. Dancing With The Stars

    If all you do is take their Olympic sport into consideration, that ranking might make some sort of sense. And, I suppose Kareem Abdul-Jabbar might be some sort of sentimental favorite from the older segment of the audience that might knock him closer to the top. But, from a skills perspective, I find it hard to believe Jamie Anderson deserves a 9th place rating. She's 27, VERY fit, strong with crazy endurance, and she's going to look great in those silly ballroom gowns. She definitely deserves to be closer to the top of that list.
  12. Movies

    I just saw Molly's game and loved it. Quick, witty and seriously entertaining... Jessica Chastain is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses. She's a beautiful chameleon and she's perfection in this role. She even manages to make poker look interesting.
  13. Yeah, that's very true, too. I can see how it's easy to laugh at the smugness from the comfort of our homes. But, I bet when you're out there starving and missing your family... it was probably worth the immediate gratification of sending him home. But... Then again, I can also see ways that the girls could have used him to get rid of a few physical threats without getting blood on their hands. They should have used that ego to their advantage.
  14. I'm not really sorry to see him go. But, I thought he was more entertaining (fun to laugh at) than Dom. And, I think they really made a mistake by keeping Dom. NOONE... and I seriously mean NOONE would vote for Chris to win. While you might be able to argue the same of Dom, I think it's less of a guaranteed win against Dom if you took him to final two.
  15. Movies

    The acting in Three Billboards was stellar. But, I think the best picture was Dunkirk. Dunkirk was robbed! And, normally, I hate war movies. (too depressing) This time I was in it from minute one. It had it all... Gorgeous cinematography, amazing direction and top notch acting. That was one beautifully executed film. I loved the way it felt as if the viewer was stranded right there on the beach with them from the very beginning. I couldn't stop watching.