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  1. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Love everyone!! (I think this is the first time that I'm almost sorry to see a season end.)
  2. The Final HOH

    I knew that. I guess I forgot? Or, for no apparent reason, I decided to completely block that reality out of my mind and play a version of fantasy Big Brother in my head?
  3. The Final HOH

    I wouldn't be so sure that they ever really had a "real thing" in Tyler's mind. ( I think Kaycee believes it 100%. ) What if the only thing that makes the two of them the real thing is the fact that she's the only Level 6 member still in the game? So, now, he's saying they were the real final two. But, were they really? Who knows? Given the fact that Tyler didn't hand the first part of the final HOH to Kaycee like he said he was going to, I wouldn't be surprised if Tyler lets JC win the final HOH to let him vote out Kaycee just so Tyler won't have to do it. But, that's a serious gamble. So, maybe he's just playing both options right to the very bitter end. The only thing I know for sure is that Tyler is still playing the game.
  4. I wouldn't quite say that I'm thrilled at this idea. I've never really enjoyed JC at all... in any way what so ever. But, in a twisted way, this would be more than a little bit amusing. And, i'd sorta love Brett tormenting Tyler with this... For All Time... if it's Kaycee that ends up booting his ass over Angela.
  5. If the next season of celebrity BB is already ordered by the network, wouldn't Julie already be attached to the project for the new winter season?
  6. School of Rock makes him a Goliath? Seriously, could they set the bar any lower?
  7. BB20 House Discussion

    I think he really does like her. The other day when they were talking and napping, he reached out to either brush hair behind her ear or rest his arm on her shoulder at least a half a dozen times. He kept stopping himself. Then, he'd do it again. I completely believe he's trying to keep his distance. But, after being cloistered in there so long together, he's having trouble keeping that distance. It might not be such a bad thing to hang out and relax a bit either. If he only tries to influence others when he really truly needs to, it will be all the more effective. (and less obvious)
  8. As a girl who plays a team sport, I bet she was very good at staying neutral on a lot of things long before she was cast on BB. It's a great way to get along with people. It might not be the most exciting form of game play. But, I think it's a valid one. And, I think playing neutral is a smart move. I like her. She's really friendly, loyal and sweet. If I were playing the game, I'd want her on my team.
  9. Every person who's ever been in a bed with a clingy person knows that spot... instead of saying get the fuck off of me, you ride the edge of the bed. And, then, that STILL doesn't work.
  10. So, last night on BBAD, Fess was being a childish ass to Haleigh (whining about how she was spending too much time with the other HGs). Haleigh gets all annoyed with him and he storms off. Haleigh wanders off to the hammock for a cry and... Bret shows up. Perfect timing for him to lend a shoulder to comfort her and make friends... which he does. And, they're getting along great. He's cheering her up. Lots of blah blah blaming goes on. But, what made my ears perk up (and Brett's ears too because he's no dummy) was, that as they were chatting it up. Haleigh, rather out of the blue goes, "You smell good." And, clever Brett hears that and you can see in his eyes light up right there when he knows that he's done his job for the night because he responds with something like "Aw, Haleigh, do you like me?" He's definitely playing the game... and he's good at it.
  11. He's not just amusing... I'm pretty sure he's gotten better looking over his time in the house, too.
  12. Caption This Picture!

    If I shave off my nipples, I won't even need a white sheet to play Casper this Halloween.
  13. Caption This Picture!

    Let's see. Underpants, check. I'm pretty sure I'm Captain Underpants.
  14. Some girls like the older men. They're already established, eager to please and usually very loyal. The money and generous gifts are just an extra perk. And, I really liked Julie's casual Thursday look.
  15. Whatever her reason... I couldn't care less if I tried. What I do know is that she's supposed to be playing a game. Instead, she acts like a complete idiot. She went out of her way to alienate two people who were not targeting her at all from what I could see. And, she did it in a way they're not likely to forget anytime soon. What's the bigger sin? ...being a slut or being an idiot? Oh yeah, and I almost forgot... Why did she assume Tyler would hand her the HOH? Was it because she's a girl? Maybe. So, it's ok for HER to use her sex to her own advantage?