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  1. I actually got more of an evil chuckle out of what I thought I heard to be "we should have taught her how to start a fire."
  2. Plus treating America like they're an extra house guest and lying your "butt" off to them isn't all that endearing either.
  3. Poor intern wouldn't even get anything for them. No one wants to see that.
  4. How silly of him. He was already invisible.
  5. The only reason I don't think Jeff is strategic this week is that they were told the next evicted person has a chance to come back. Nothing about how to my knowledge. If I were in the house I'd be worried that America would be voting back in a player and America seems to love Jeff. I'd be worried they'd vote him back in.
  6. My bet is going to have to be Rachel. Her man is gone and she didn't win HOH to vindicate him she'll probably be on edge. It'll be a really close call though if any HoHos are missing from Kalia's HOH basket though.
  7. I can't really base anything just from Rachel's word though. I mean the way she tends to talk abuot Brendon alone is enough to tell me her's is not a world based in reality.
  8. I'm thinking she'll end up competing. She'll declare that she has to do her very best on the grounds that her knight sacrificed himself so she could continue on. In the words of Kalia America can then collectively vomit.
  9. I find myself oddly curious about his family. Last night during the pity party in the hammock they stated that they could only trust each other in the entire world. Well, each other and their parents, and Rachel's sister. I'm wondering what the familes think of this relationship and them in general. I mean while most people in the past get little videos of family and close friends talking about them, their gameplay, and what they're like outside of the game all Brendon got last year was an ex-fiance pretty much confirming his tool status.
  10. Trying my hand at recapping, probably shouldn't have started myself out on the hammock of disgusting. A lot of Brenda telling Rachel that she can do this, and that he knows it will be hard to go on without him but to just hear him in the back of her head reminding her she can do this. He tells her he will always protect her and he doesn't care what anyone else says or thinks...dot com. (No really he said that dot com included.) He tells her he can't wait to really marry her. Love fest is over and we're back to Dani bashing. Rachel thinks that Shelly was the one spreading stuff, Brendon isn't sure but says she'll just end up getting burned by them.
  11. Sort of looks more like something pulled right off Grandma's Easter bonnet.
  12. Paired up duos just reminds me of BB9 only minus the crazy of telling them they're being paired with their soulmate. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if this is true or not. I'm more of an everyone for themselves type person.
  13. Why, lately, do all these shows insist on bringing back old cast members as big twists? I'd much rather watch a group of new famewhores fight over the same fifteen minutes than spend another summer watching Rachel try and pass that hair piece off as natural.
  14. Could have sworn I read an interview where he went as far as calling Rob a "Survivor Whore", yet he wants them to keep his number? I don't know what's more obnoxious, how much he loves himself or how much Jeff loves him.
  15. Well, if next season they're going to continue to go for the whole 'fourth time's a charm' route I'm willing to bet we're going to be seeing Rupert again. I wonder who else they grabbed because I'll be honest most of these people I end up forgetting about the moment the season ends.
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