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    bridge, golf, family, traveling and reality TV. Wish I were young enough to get on one of these programs.
  1. Maybe the HOH could hand out the jobs list and rather than nominate 2 people, the potential evictees are those with the most demerits.
  2. I think the perfect cast would be 8 really horny, good-looking guys, and 8 lesbians.
  3. I picked HOLLY, mostly because BB is one of the things I look forward to the most. There's something about seeing things as they happen, not just a week's worth of stuff crammed into an hour (less with commercial breaks). I like being able to vote on what they get to eat, etc. Just want to thank all of you who recap, I would love to do it but am unable to make that kind of commitment as my eyes are getting worse the older I get. Here's to another season -- (rip) -- just took the tag off my box of recapper wine!!
  4. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this, but have you read the release about Britney's house fire? It was yesterday, articles on both BumpShack and TMZ. Oh, BTW, I think if there is a connection between 2 HG's, Lane and Hayden are cousins.
  5. For a program that is winning Emmy's, you'd think CBS could put it at a time when we could count on it being on. Hate when I DVR it because I have to also tape a few programs beyond to make sure I'm getting the whole program. Worth it, though. This is my all time FAVORITE show. I'm not sure if I'm posting this or just replying to another post. First timer. (posting virgin as it were.....)
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