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  1. "Out! Out, damned unicorn!" Rachel Purells her stomach after retrieving Dani's stuffed unicorn from the toilet tank and stashing it under her shirt to re-hide it elsewhere (Fortune Teller, if you're keeping track.)
  2. Porsche campaigns for Adam's vote: (That's not sarcasm, this is actually Porsche campaigning.)
  3. I thought it was obvious from the feeds that he didn't want to be back, and was resentful that America voted to rob him of his Rachel-free summer at home, Skypeing with anybody and everybody he wanted. He only put up the bare minimum of a fight to stay, and seemed burnt out and grouchy all week. He said several times that he wished he wasn't there and was home "curing cancer" instead. Way to go, America.
  4. I guess Rachel was talking game alone, or it was another competition for short people, or somebody said Britney's name, or something. Who knows. GTFO already.
  5. She just keeps getting weirder and weirder by the day. I don't know if anyone watched the Regulators RTVZone video chat tonight, but Cassi and Dom are starting to piece together the extent of Shelly's lies and are pretty pissed about it, especially Cassi. There could be some fireworks at the finale directed toward Shelly, from the pre-jury crew.
  6. Why would BB allow it to happen? Because making people on slop all gassy is a part of the game. They load the slop up with fiber and vitamins for the same reason. They may step in and replace the muscle milk if there's any real medical reason for concern, but the idea that Big Brother would be horrified that someone is overdosing on fiber and farting up a storm is hilarious. Guys, that's the whole point of the Have Not diet.
  7. Whether Shelly survives this week or not, her game is over. Evidence? No one seems to care at all that she's in solitary right now. Contrast that with when Hayden was in solitary last year and the whole house took turns hanging out by his door, playing games, telling jokes, and otherwise entertaining him. Since feeds came back up some time ago, no one has bothered to check on her at all. Denunzio. (I just asked Ragan on Twitter if they were given any smackdown last year for talking to Hayden through the walls, since it did die off after a few hours, but he said no, they were allowed to talk the whole time. Presumably this year's cast doesn't have any restrictions either, they're just choosing to leave her alone. And Brendon and Rachel were part of the group yelling through the wall at Hayden, so it's not like they don't know they can.)
  8. Daniele's options are wide open at this point: 1. If Jeff or Jordan win veto: Keep nominations the same and send Shelly home, which gets out the source of a lot of misinformation and conflict. Deal with Brenchel: ON 2. If Adam or Shelly win veto and pull themselves off, she has the choice between backdooring Brendon or Jeff, depending on how she wants to move forward in the game. Deal with Brenchel: ON, provided Brendon stays in the house. 3. If she or Kalia win veto, any of the above are an option. Additionally, Brendon has agreed to be a pawn, which is actually feasible with this week's numbers. Daniele just needs the votes of Rachel, Kalia, and Porsche to work a tie and cast the deciding vote. So, she can put him on the block against Shelly and change her mind later if she feels like it. I'm not sure if she's really reached a final decision, but none of those puts her in a bad corner. The only one guaranteed not to go this week is Adam - Shelly, Jeff or Brendon could all go home, and any one of those helps Daniele's game.
  9. Special guest star, America's Player Eric Stein, makes a cameo in the HOH Room this week. Hi Eric!
  10. I've been a delinquent recapper this year. I swear, right here, right now, that if Dominic somehow gets back into the house tomorrow night to play, I will return to help out the HT faithful. So, if anybody's been waiting to cast your votes, you know, well, there's a reason for you, I guess? (The only thing I've been motivated to recap all season was a Dom-driven escapade anyway.) Seriously, the idea of Brendon returning depresses me so much, y'all. Dominic has his flaws and is in no way a contender to win the game, but at least he's fun, which is more than I can say for the rest of these ragamuffins.
  11. Kareny


    Er, uh, so what does she think she's done for the last two weeks exactly?
  12. Kareny


    I know that BB has zero concern for these contestants and I don't expect them to start now, but I really wish they would push to get Rachel up and out this week. It's getting to the point where her breakdowns aren't entertaining or amusing anymore, and there will be plenty of drama if she leaves. Last week she nearly hit the door with Brendon, but stayed only because she forfeits her stipend if she walks. Now they've got the perfect chance to correct that. Let her be evicted peacefully, don't let Brendon win the vote, and let her bow out gracefully. Tip her off that the competition loser goes straight home with stipend, and let her do what she needs to do, whether it's being with Brendon and monitoring his internet use, or listening to her friends and dumping him. They encouraged her mess, and they should do the right thing to clean it up, now that it's gone too far. I know this will never happen, because this is BB and not Dr. Drew (actually, he's not that much better). But it would be nice if it did. Plus, then we get Dom or Cassi back in the house, and, yay! (I'm pulling for Dom but I'd take Cassi back over Rachel any day.)
  13. As much as I want Rachel out of the house... I don't really hate that Adam vs. returnee scenario. (**As long as it's NOT Brendon!)
  14. I've been marathoning BB8 lately trying to figure out if I like Daniele 1.0 any better now that I'm such a fan of 2.0. And I still don't. We all know she had a difficult upbringing with regards to both her parents, and on season 8 she was still working through a lot of issues, but by now she seems to have come out on the other side as a much stronger person. She still has her demons, clearly, but she handles them with a great deal more maturity. It also makes me rethink my judgments about house guests I hated on other seasons, and wonder how I would like them in other settings. Also, we discussed her weight earlier, but I noticed that her voice is about an octave deeper now, too. Just pointing it out because I haven't seen that addressed anywhere, and was kind of shocked to revisit how whiny and squeaky she was back then. Something about her tone is very different as well. I think every sentence she uttered on BB8 ended with a question mark (?), every sentence on BB13 ends with ellipses (...) I still have yet to see anything specific she's done to earn the "black heart" label Brendon gave her - this is Big Brother, not the Care Bears. Everybody bitches about everybody else in this game and it's normal. I tend to root for the people who do it with perspective and humor, both of which Daniele 2.0 seems to have - and which Daniele 1.0 lacked.
  15. The past several winners have all had one tight ally. It's the best way to play the game. Mike Boogie - Will Dick - Daniele Adam - Matt Dan - Memphis Jordan - Jeff Hayden - Lane And note how far their partners made it, too. Pairs have an advantage in the game, period - as long as they can avoid being targeted for it (or be the one who stays when the partner leaves). In other news, looks like this season is definitely not shaping up to be the sitcom that last season was. It's war. ("Vietnam!" -Jeff, who apparently forgot how that one ended.)
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