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  1. Thanks to EVERYONE who posts on this website. Especially the inimitable angelmi. Gonna miss you guys, but I'll be checking the Survivor posts from time to time. 'Til next season...........
  2. I miss ff174. Guess he got disgusted with this season. (Sigh) But angelmi is doing a great job of holding down the fort.
  3. I LOVE! my new Hamstertime mouse pad. Everyone should get one.
  4. Thanks to all you persistent recappers for enduring one of the most boring seasons EVAH! Even the jury house turned out to be more entertaining.
  5. Here in Arizona everything airs an hour earlier...............
  6. Thanks, Jenn48, for the Vic pic. Made my evening.
  7. Beyond the beard thing, for some reason I liked Paul from the very beginning. But then I thought there must be something wrong with my perception because not very many other people did at first. Now I know my gut was right. He totally understands the "essence" of the game. It's not a matter of life or death. It's the chance of a lifetime to do the best you can and have fun while enjoying every minute of it. Unfortunately, first impressions can be deceiving. He seems like a very caring, decent person who will go far in life because he "gets it." Last night's Secret Service performance was solid gold. Loved it enough to watch it again and again. I hope production appreciates his energy and enthusiasm enough to bring him back at some point.
  8. Boo hoo hoo!!! Ye reap what ye sow, boy. And what makes you think you're so special you can defy the rules? Huh? I can't stand cocky, arrogant assholes in real life, let alone on one of my favorite shows.
  9. I can't deny it. I think I'm in love with jerrye25 because he made me laugh so hard I snorted my iced tea. Cough, cough.
  10. Kudos to angelmi from me also. This site wouldn't be the same without you. You are one of my all-time favorites. I'm impressed with anyone who chooses to recap. I could never do what you do, even though I'm a writer. (I should be working on the next book in my mystery series, but what am I doing all summer instead?????) Some people think this is silly, but everyone here understands, right? Thanks to ALL of you for the many years of entertainment. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to HT!!!! With lots more years to come, hopefully.
  11. Tonight on BBAD....... OMG!!! The lady doth protest too much! Dead giveaway, IMO.
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