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  1. Just noticed here, then checked at CBS.com, that Willie's name is excluded. So I guess we won't be seeing Mr. Rocky on Wednesday night? It would insure great TV ratings, but kudos to the network for ditching this angry guy.
  2. THANK you to all of our ace watchers who post diligently about BB. You're the bestest!
  3. It's nice so many are remembering Jodi and her 5 minutes in the house. Am I the only person who doesn't even recall Kara or JoJo, or anything about these two?
  4. Do we need a poll of who everyone is voting for America's Choice for 25k?
  5. grapey


    B-bye Frank. You'll be gone on Thursday. I feel sorry for Ashley and Brit in the same jury house with you.
  6. Skippy points to Frank in Carrot Costume for a pool stick. BB can we have some toys to play with?
  7. Listen to Dani lie to Britney. Dani is going to blow it.
  8. grapey


    Is SHANE still playing? He is still there. His hair is pretty.
  9. The BEST thing? Frank is now non-eligible for TWO weeks of HOH. He's fried. Too funny. Boogie is dying watching this at home.
  10. I'm loving this tonight! What a ballsy move by Dan. Love him or hate him, you got to admit he took the house by storm. Frank is going to cave. Watch him. Love this game.
  11. See Dan. See Dan play the game. See Dan lie. Lie, Dan, lie. Dan will stay. See mouths drop Thursday. See BRITNEY go home.
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