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  1. Rachel I think wins. I will also say this everyone but Daniele seemed to think it was just a game and handled themselves with class. Dani is truly classless and she is the only one coming off bad, although I am sure Dick will also make a fool of himself.
  2. I think if it is Rachel vs Porsche, Rachel wins getting Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Adam's votes, if it is Rachel vs Adam, no way I think Dani votes for Adam so Rachel wins again.
  3. liza


    I am with the ones over Jordan. I loved her in her previous season but in this season, she has just rubbed me the wrong way. It is like she expects to be taken to the end so she doesn't have to try. She just doesn't care and can't even fake being happy for Rachel when she won the veto that saved them or the HOH that also saved her.
  4. I would guess if Porsche doesn't win veto, she is gone, if she does Rachel is gone. Although if I was Porsche, I would evict Jordan. What is wrong with me, I think I am rooting for a Rachel/Adam F2.
  5. liza


    I just think since when did BB become about rewarding the nicest person. It is BB, not Miss Teen USA, it should be about best game play. I guess in her last season, I really thought she tried, this season I don't see it. It is almost like she knows she is being taken to the end and therefore she doesn't have to try. She couldn't even get excited about the duo twist coming back that had a chance of saving her and Rachel.
  6. liza


    The thing that is bugging me about Jordan right now is it seems she is not trying and thinks she will be carried to the end. When she dropped out of that POV and said she doesn't do pain, for some reason it bugged me. Like she knows she doesn't have to do anything and she will get to the end. In fact, I can't see a scenario where she is not at least F3. In her last season, it just seemed she fought more and wanted it more.
  7. I just looked in my TV Guide and there are only two episodes left until the finale. I am confused how this works. On Wednesday a houseguest is evicted, they play HOH, but this will be filmed Tuesday? Then Wednesday, they do they nominations and play for veto and Thursday another houseguest is evicted and they start part one of the final HOH? But what about part two? It seems like we are missing an episode or we have one two many house guests or something?
  8. liza


    I think Adam is stuck, no move is right or wrong. So I understand him sticking with the people who voted to keep him over the ones who voted to evict him.
  9. So what is Thursday's show like? Like a double eviction except the first person was evicted the day before?
  10. Jordan and Rachel are being real smart right now and playing a good game. That is something I never thought I would say about either one of them.
  11. Shelly should have pretended that she felt bad for what happened. She didn't have to feel bad at all, but part of playing the game is to make sure you are not voted out and then that jury members will vote for you. Jordan thought Shelly was a friend and Shelly knew and played on it, that's fine, it's only a game and it is perfectly fine that Shelly lied about being Jordan's friend. But she should have at least pretended she still cared because Jordan is part of a possible four vote alliance and could determine who wins.
  12. Porsche really should have partnered them up, they were all sitting there until Rachel said something. I still maintain that it is Shelly's behavior after Jeff was evicted, not that she flipped that will be the reason she is going home.
  13. So do we know if they choose the duos or if Porsche did? Because if Porsche did, she messed up big time. The smart play would have been to put Adam and Shelly with Jordan or Rachel, so she makes sure either Jordan or Rachel goes home.
  14. Shelly really messed up. This is where not gloating and pretending to feel bad would have helped her, now she is gone and I believe it is because of her actions after Jeff was evicted.
  15. liza


    The thing is that the jury members are only human. That is why it is always said it is a dumb move to leave a bad goodbye message to a jury member. The social game is just as, if not more, important than winning competitions. Shelly has no social game, she betrayed Jordan, fine that is the game but taking such pleasure in it and going after her, that could cost Shelly the game.
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