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  1. Exactly, Magpie. These people are ridiculous.
  2. Thank you for typing everything I was thinking, Dana k. You said it much better than I ever could.
  3. Is it just me, or is Ben starting to look like Yosemite Sam?
  4. Thanks, I thought I missed something.
  5. Can someone help me out. The description for tonight's episode said that one of the players receives invaluable advice from a special visitor. When did that happen? They couldn't have been referring to Culpepper's wife saying they could flip Michaela because she was upset about not being picked. How is that invaluable, especially since it didn't work in their favor.
  6. You got your wish, AVorlon. Once again, tonight's episode made me realize this woman has no self awareness. She had the nerve to call Michaela annoying and disrespectful. Maybe she is, but so are you. I'm glad she's gone. I was no longer entertained by her crazy ... her smugness ruined it for me.
  7. How did he think that was a good idea? Especially as a gay man who claims to work with transgender people. It wasn't spur of the moment, he gave us a hint that he was going to use that at tribal council. He had plenty of time to realize that was a terrible thing to do to someone.
  8. Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead. Bye queen.
  9. When she started doing pushups after her alternative universe rant, I damn near fell on the floor with laughter.
  10. Maybe his mommy gave him the idea. He didn't start saying that until she came to the island.
  11. Jade,I completely agree with you.
  12. Zak will be ignored once again by Paulie since Corey is now at the jury house. She is pathetic.
  13. Oh my god! Every time this heifer speaks, it's like someone's driving a nail through my eardrum. Most of the time, I just hit the mute button. I'm sure she's not saying anything too important. Plus, how on Earth does she make the word "and" sound so awful? It feels like she drags it out for an eternity. She makes me long for the sweet sounds of Edith Bunker.
  14. Thank you. I thought I was the only one bothered by that stupid headband.
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