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  1. Victor has gone way up in my estimation after his noms and the way he handled the aftermath. He's clearly intelligent and has a no-nonsense attitude to matters at hand. Having said all that, he'd be impossible to deal with as a roommate or boyfriend. Last night Nicole came up to use his shower. First he instructed her on how to open the bag of Skittles and then when she went into the bathroom he started telling her the very specific way he wanted her to hang the towels up. I got a very "Sleeping with the Enemy" vibe.
  2. For 12 seasons my most hated hamster of all time has been Maggie. Paulie has now unseated that title. May he die in a fire and right quick.
  3. I just occurred to me these competitions could have happened somewhere else on the CBS lot. It wouldn't HAVE to have been in the backyard.
  4. Okay, I didn't remember that the balanced comp happened after Jozea's eviction. I had it in my head that it was a week past that. They've clearly handled it in some clever way. I haven't heard any real speculation from the hamsters about things happening outside.
  5. Is it possible that they made the excuse that the sounds heard were practice/rehearsing the comp? As long as they don't say a specific name over the loud speaker, they *might* get away with it.
  6. Dude is interning for a position as a serial killer.
  7. Should have checked here first. I am having the same voting problem. It's always appalling to me how shoddy CBS is with their BB programming considering how it's almost all easy/free money for them.
  8. Here's the thing - I'm not sure JMac would say yes to a second shot. I've felt like he's been so over it for a long time and the boy looked exhausted there at the end. Major bags under his eyes. I'm betting he can't wait to get back to his real life.
  9. OR - even more entertaining - what if JM is lying about voting out Steve. Liz believes him and therefore casts her vote to evict Austin thinking JM will get the blame and Van will have to decide. Then Julie tells announces that by a vote of 2-0 Austin has been evicted. Everyone flips out and Austin's jury vote is more up for grabs. That would make me so happy.
  10. Austin will redeem himself a wee bit with me (a very wee bit) if he's in it to win it and doesn't fall on his sword for the petty princess. I like that he fought hard and didn't throw it.
  11. Reading about all his post-show fame fantasies last night was something. I wonder how he's going to take finding out that he has been at the bottom of the popularity polls most (if not all) of the summer.
  12. I felt like JM threw that veto comp too. He's definitely playing Russian Roulette, but I also get a strong impression that he was truly over the whole thing a few weeks back and he's just flying by the seat of his pants now. Sure he'd like to win, I just think he's through stressing over it and he's playing moment-to-moment now.
  13. Just want to say I'm really enjoying the Zinging in the Rain and License Plate threads. You're all so funny and clever.
  14. Friday Night Zings The Wedding Zinger Night of the Living Zingbot
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