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  1. A Frankie Sour - Black Forest Sour Gummy Bears soaked in Vodka. Black Forest Brand - because, they are FAMOUS, you know...
  2. True (I'm allergic to milk) Never have I ever picked up a guy at a bar.
  3. Sad. Battle of the Block sucks, and I am trying to hold out hope that the girls decide to get rid of competition. This is one of the few times, I wish the males would come together and save their own. I like him. Camo and beard and all. He seems to genuine and real to be on this show, which makes me happy in my cold little heart. Hope he manages to make it another week.
  4. I know we aren't usually suppose to bring up other Hamsterwatching Sites - but McCrae is "Chumlord", and is a regular over at Dingo's Hamster Watch. I'm pretty excited he made it on the show and is doing so well thus far! :D
  5. In Georgia it's the same way - our boys could have "work-out sessions" at a local gym, but can't touch the field until July 23rd (2 weeks before public school starts). I LOVE Dan, and I'll be one of the ones sad to see him go (not a Boogie fan at all, and I didn't love Brit in her season either). BUT what ya'll are saying makes sense: Make a little Money on the side, head back to being a "Real" Coach before you're even missed!
  6. I HAVE to agree with Magpie...it's a crime against humanity for gNat to be dressed in that outfit, but I scared my cat because I was laughing so hard at the screencap. THANK YOU, LURKER! And thanks to everyone who has kept the feeds flowing for us on here. It's been a crazy day for the hamsters (and the poor fish)!
  7. I'm not sure if this is the proper forum or not, but I have to say that while I usually get a chuckle out of the Fiesty header at the top - I am LOVING the Woodstock version. (It's gotta be my second favorite ever, funny since my favorite is also this season - that darn Fiesty-Unicorn...go home Jessie! Poot!) I haven't been able to get feeds this year, but I've been watching the boards and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all the feedwatchers who have suffered through Jessie and Chima and Ronnie. I can't imagine the pain you must have lived with with those hamsters on your screen. The recaps have always made me laugh. Special props to Violetta, Copssister, ZGeist and ff174!
  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been reading Fisty's version of Big Brother since last summer and to this day cannot say the name Adam correctly (which is a problem, since calling someone at work "Adum" repeatedly does not endear you to your officemates). Every single recapper here is funny and you've made my day more than once. I especially have enjoyed ff, Sheenafury, and Bee this season. In fact, anytime I'm caught staring at Dan, Dan the incredibly sexy Man, by my husband - I just say "I'm just watching him for Bee." (My husband now is convinced I have an elderly officemate named Bee, who cannot always watch her young love on TV....) I wish you could all be paid to do what you do, you're absolutely worth it!
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