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  1. I thought it was one of her better outfits.... She's worn some doozies
  2. I have thought about this for the last few days. All of these famewhores came on the show to get connections and exposure, right? But has BB EVER landed a hammie in anything other than a few cameos on CBS and podcasts about BB!?!
  3. Targeting Vanessa will be the only thing that will save this Trident of Annoying in my book.
  4. I can't handle another week of this. That's all folks. I will see y'all bitches next year. I'm out.
  5. As long as Liz or Julia don't host the Simon says, I would be ok. "Simon Says run in placeuuh. Simon says touch your headuuh. Now clapuuh. Ohhhh my gaaaaaawd, I didn't say Simon Saysuuuh!" Edited to add: since I have not read much of the feed recaps for the entire week, do I need to be warned that I will lose my shit tomorrow because they are sending JMac home?
  6. The clam as well for me. Every time Otev is mentioned, I picture a clam
  7. This week has turned me into one bitter old bitty. I haven't even wanted to look at it, much less deal with it!
  8. Exactly! The others let him know it was too much muslin and not enough card. Amanda's (that's the other bottom 2, right? I don't know all of their names yet) skirt was terrible, but at least it was made with the textile required. Yes, ElizabethAnn, the fanny pack is awesome!
  9. Last nights "Judas" vote was hilarious! It was basically, "Judas wants to vote with the house!"
  10. I was going to say it's exaclty like Beauty and the Beast. However, I think Beauty and the Beast may be stretching it a bit.... Maybe more like "Pretty in some angles and the douche" and she isn't even close to being obsessed with his library. It's just filled with medieval smut, handed down Chicken Soups and "how to" pamphlets. That's assuming that she can read.
  11. Negative comments are part of this. If he's too fragile to handle the backlash, then he shouldn't have gone in.
  12. Don't defend him Jak! I want to hate him. I don't find him as adorkable as I used to.
  13. Listening to him call the "normal" people "The Gremlins" pisses me the hell off. Dude. If it were 1987, you would have a Gizmo doll and a bra on your head. Shut up.
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