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  1. Roberta "RC" Saint-Amour

    7-11 carries royal crown cola too.....
  2. Survivor: Season 25 - General Analysis

    Well I assumed Abi but thought maybe I missed something.....
  3. Survivor: Season 25 - General Analysis

    Who was Penner giving the finger to?
  4. Food Shows

    Am I the only one who thinks Hannibal Lecter every time Chef Mehta talks? Between the steady stare and unwavering voice...
  5. Natalie & Nadiya

    Funny--I just posted the same thought about Phil not saying "Final 3" in the series thread...great minds think alike.
  6. Josh & Brent

    How stupid was it to have him do the tennis roadblock knowing he was hurt?
  7. The Amazing Race: Season 21

    As soon as the first team arrived at the mat and Phil didn't tell them "you are one of the three teams who will race to the finish" I knew it was a non-elim.
  8. Jonathan Penner

    I keep hearing Probst's name being kicked around to replace Alex Trebek when he retires in 2 years, so maybe that will open the door for Penner.
  9. Malcolm Freberg

    Anyone know if Malcolm is related to 60s comedian Stan Freberg?
  10. Survivor: Season 25 - General Analysis

    Especially when he said he didn't drink....tho I could have sworn i saw him chugging away at the wine.
  11. Lisa Whelchel

    How could she stick with Penner AND Skupin, when Skupin was in her F4 alliance and Penner wasn't? That made no sense to me at the time.
  12. Survivor: Season 25 - General Analysis

    What did Skupin bid on? Aside from the wine, I didn't recognize anything on that plate.
  13. Dancing With The Stars

    I found this comment odd in the HuffPost recap of the results: "Shawn Johnson and her partner Derek Hough came in second, though they were the fan and judge favorites throughout the competition." Really? If they were the fan AND judge favorites, wouldn't they have won? Fact is, after last night's third dance, Melissa and Tony had a one point lead over Shaw and Derek.
  14. Dancing With The Stars

    My wife felt Emmitt was kinda stiff last night....I thought Shawn and Melissa rocked the house and left the other three in their tracks.