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  1. It would have been unfair for Jess to talk to Cody. She has been able to watch the show/feeds from the outside, and that will influence her opinion. So Cody would have had an advantage the rest of the jury did not have.
  2. I thought Cody was a sure vote for Paul, and Christmas would be the deciding vote until the Q&A. They showed Cody's face when Paul denied he had bullied and also when he said he was just trying to help people get farther in the game. Cody's face said it all...if you aren't going to own up to how you played you lost my vote. At that point I actually thought Josh had a chance; especially, when Josh was quite open about what he had done, that he felt bad, but it was a game move. I'm one of the few that have liked Josh from the start so I'm good with the result.
  3. I actually rewatched the scene from the jury house this morning. I couldn't get over Raven as the puppet master and had to listen to it all again. Priceless!
  4. Am I the only one annoyed by the fact that she is always talking with her mouth full. How she manages to sound like she has marbles in her mouth when it is ice cream is baffling. Rude.
  5. I want to thank all the recappers for their work this season. I don't get the feeds and always come to HT to stay caught up because you all manage to make these people as entertaining as possible. Congrats!
  6. I wonder if she would have been booed if she had said goodbye to everyone rather than storming out like a child. That might have pushed the audience over the edge after all the stuff with Cody, Nichole, etc. She is rude and a bad sport on top of everything else.
  7. College Instructors are not in unions. That is for K thru 12. If a college professor is tenured, itt is extremely difficult to terminate him/her. Getting tenure requires a Phd, lots of research and lots of publishing. None of which Andy has. As a parttime instructor he is most likely hired year to year and not under any sort of long-term contract.
  8. This is the sorriest group I've ever seen on BB. I actually quit watching the show, the feeds, everything a few weeks ago. I still come here to read some of the recaps. The recaps are much more entertaining than this season has been.
  9. Maybe I'm not crazy. I was thinking yesterday that Dan is trying to give the game to Danielle. At least there are some others that the thought crossed their mind.
  10. Shane pretty much blends into the woodwork doesn't he? No one has even posted about him in a week or two.
  11. Where I am, (western PA) they air BB on the local CX channel when pre-empted for football. It's the local CBS affilate. It should be moved somewhere for you.
  12. I don't understand why it's a big deal if Boogie reveals the nurse thing about Dani either. Don't Brit, Dan, and Shane already know it?
  13. I have to admit, I didn't start watching myself until Season 8. And, I am baffled by the amount of hard core support Janelle has across the net. She just hasn't impressed me at all so far this season. I can say at least with Boogie his ability to manipulate people has come across loud and clear based on this season alone.
  14. I was beginning to think I was the only one that thought this way. After the Willie issue, Janey flipped and went to side with Boogie's team putting up Shane. Switched back again when Shane was HOH. And it Joe and Wil flipping back and forth and I'm sorry, but If I were Danielle or Shane for that matter, I couldn't trust Janey either. Janey has ignored Danielle til she won HOH, suddenly she's her best friend. Where is there any foundation for trust?
  15. Thanks, for some reason I thought she got a new injury last night. It sounds like just the old one kicking up again.
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