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  1. Audience members for taping of Dr Will infomercial
  2. God, send Vanessa to negotiate with the Iranians. She can wear everyone down.
  3. Pfffttt... I got a signed contract from Julie that next season all house guests will be members of hamstertime.
  4. How do you know what icing smells like?
  5. Who is the most tolerable houseguest? Chewing
  6. What does James have in common with Olivia Newton John? Eyeliner
  7. Where do hammies play horizontal twister? Potball
  8. What is a shrine to Monsanto? Dinnertime
  9. I can handle boring but the twinsza are unwatchably irritating. Watching them eat is pure torture and their princessy behavior coupled with those voices has me fast forwarding most of After Dark.
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