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  1. I agree he did what he thought he needed to do to have a chance to move on - I'm glad it didn't work!
  2. Am I missing something or has this just shut down? Nothing on the recaps for 48 hours...
  3. No clever comments - just thanks! For the last last few years since I found HT it's the first place I go when I get online. Well ok, I check email first - and then check my bank balance to see if I can send our son the $$$ he was asking for - but right after that it was HT!!! BB can be a tad boring but not when you have HT. I laugh, I cry and I maintain my waist line running downstairs to tell the Mrs things that have been said. Thanks to all - see you next season!
  4. Is it normal for the DR to try to influence what the HOH does??? That's pretty upsetting.
  5. Second year following HT and want to send much love and appreciation to the recappers - you are treasures. ALSO - to whoever does the graphics at the top of the site - you're amazing! Fisty is a vision in the banana outfit! Thanks to all!
  6. As one of the newbies I need to apologize to NoRainJane and any of the recappers who may feel the way she did. Since joining HT a few months ago I've posted 4 or 5 times how much I enjoyed and was in awe of what the recappers presented for us - and I always meant that for ALL the recappers. Next season I'll be sure to shout out to individuals as well - although if it is like this season I'd have to shout out after every post because they were all fantastically funny.
  7. My wife dragged/bribed - threatened to cut me off last year if I didn't watch BB with her. I got into it and the CBS blog..... Then this year I watched it cover to cover and along the way something wonderful happened - I saw a link to HT somewhere. The rest is history - I was hooked by the talent and sheer genius of the recappers who made even the most mundane enjoyable. I actually got disappointed when BBAD came on and the recapping ended - many times the recapping was way more enjoyable than what was on the show. Thank you all a great job - you made many of us very very happy day after day. See you next BB.
  8. Thanks to all the recappers - you are an extremely talented group of people. If only you'd resist the urge to throw in personal opinion political comments....
  9. Don't know if anyone has mentioned it so far - but Stephen has his Univ of Texas shirt on eBay (trying to get money for a car). The bidding yesterday was a little over $100 - I just looked at it's up to over $690. Can you imagine how much the Pirate Bikini will bring???? moved from the love thread ~tooletta
  10. You folks play dirty - you say stuff that makes us spend hours looking around HT trying to figure it out. I looked at member profiles, days worth of re-capping, and everything else I could look at - even the abbreviation list trying to clarify what had been said. It's dirty pool making us learn all about the site just to use it What got me looking was "Fisty in the pirate bikini." I thought it had to be someones avatar so I keep searching (look up stupid.....) but that didn't work. I was going to ask one of the admin folks but didn't get a response from my last one so figured I'd keep searching on my own (look up stupid.....). Finally a few minutes ago I searched the FAQ and read about the scowling hamster - and finally looked up to the top of the screen. Thanks for all the fun - if it wasn't for HT I would have to be doing something useful around the house!
  11. I said it before, need to say it again - thanks recappers!!! It's just too much fun following along with you - I almost hate it when the live program comes on - it isn't nearly as much fun. Also love the pics and clips people post!! Just watched one that caused me to go over to YouTube where I watched a clip of Ollie and April from last nights sex session - narrated by Donald Duck! I was in tears. Thanks again - all!!!!
  12. Thanks mewmom - I've already been hooked :-)

  13. Yeah I'm a newbie. I was looking for a BB live feed forum I read all last season, and somehow stumbled into this one. I have to say I haven't laughed so hard in years - you folks doing the posting from the feeds are better than the show itself. OK - so that isn't saying much so far this year, but you are great!!! Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed and entertained at the same time! edited to remove signature. Welcome to HT! You might want to familiarize yourself with the Posting Rules in the Welcome To Hamstertime threads. Thanks ~tooletta
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