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  1. Dr Will is a perfect example of why having access to all the plastic surgery and Botox in the world that you want isn't a good thing. It is fitting and karma that the arrogant jerk permanently ruined his looks but I think he's clueless to that he seems to think he looks good lol.
  2. Nicole,Dani and then ether Memphis or Christmas. i couldn't agree with Janelles comment more that she wishes the show would have casted stronger women. Other then Janelle the women all played horribly. The only one left rooting for right now is Tyler ...everyone else like Kaysar said all suck. The only down side of Tyler winning is he'll just give the money to Angela but I'm still rooting for him.
  3. People hanging around yelling over a wall have too much time on their hands It is really hard to get into the game with no one worth rooting for to win the game. But with who's left I am probably in minority but I think Tyler is a decent guy ..he is the only one in that sad excuse of an alliance that is likeable and he's the only that has some morals and a consequence out of that alliance. So I would be okay with him or maybe Davonne getting to the end. I mean it is slim pickings right now but I sure don't want Christmas,Dani,Memphis,Enzo,Nicole or Cody at the end.
  4. I didn't think Cody was involved...thanks for clearing that up. As for the others ...such deplorable behaviour.It doesn't get lower than making fun of someone with a disability. And Nicole deserves everything that's coming to her when she gets out of the house. Dani as well..I've never liked her.She was an ugly human being the other times she was in the house and she's the same person now.
  5. Was Cody involved in the mocking too ? The names mentioned on tmz was Memphis,Dani,Christmas and Nicole.
  6. Oh thank god ! I was pretty worried when word of this first came out and it wasnt clear.I thought for sure we are doomed to see Famewhore in the final 2. Good news that there is still some hope that he will be sent packing if he does not win that veto.
  7. I am really crossing my fingers that the narsistic fame whore in his nasty tight pink shorts is sent out the door to greet Julie and all because he wanted to push that button that would be the one thing that could possibly stop this season from a complete flop from start to finish.
  8. The rest of the house guests better play there butts off and make sure he dosnt win it again and get him out.
  9. thats great news exactly what i was hoping for.Now for a perfect week he dosnt win the hoh again and who ever does win is smart enough to put him up and he dosnt win veto.
  10. Oh i am hoping so gforce that would be beyond awsome.I will be so happy if he can't play and is put on the block and sent packing ..it would be nice if that button was pushed after he made his Nominees so that all the house guests can see just what a snake Frankie is.
  11. So is it offical did Frankie fame whore push the button? Thats exaclty what i am hoping for and that he is put up next and sent packing.
  12. I really hate to ask this dumb queastion but i gotta ask.Who is FUG ?
  13. I am so bored and dissapointed in this season.The worst cast ever..a cast that are predictable and act like a bunch of sheep.Theonly possible chance of getting some small amount of joy this season is Frankie fame whore being back doored and sent packing. I saw this write up in the Huffington post as to why big brother Canada has been a lot better then the USA version and it is spot on.A little bit long but a good read. "To say last year's "Big Brother" was the most controversial -- and some say, worst -- season in its storied and successful history is a bit of an understatement. The happenings during the season overshadowed winner Andy Herren's victory; racist, homophobic and sexist comments in the house were as constant as being stuck on slop. Outraged fans and critics demanded CBS intervene, resulting in ugly and negative publicity for the show, albeit strong ratings. After the series concluded, the majority of the houseguests were met with vitriol and demands of accountability from various groups. It wasn't your mother's "Big Brother," that's for sure. This is why there's a lot riding on the venerable reality-TV series when "Big Brother 16" premieres on Global/CBS. It also didn't help that north of the United States border, "Big Brother Canada 2" proved it was the master of the game by including groundbreaking, shocking twists and riveting competitions. "BBCan 2" smashed ratings records without a single ounce of controversy or by casting ignorant cast members. In fact, in a house full of people of different creeds, sexuality and racial backgrounds, the cast movingly came together, not apart."
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