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  1. I also had forgotten about Jen's theme song dooping 100 times a day, or I would have voted for that as an 'other'.
  2. Boogie and Jodi, but no Willie? Just kidding...Britney is my choice for being so entertaining in so many ways.
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. I think someone brought up April looking like Mrs. McCain in one of these threads before, as well as Libra's likeness to Mrs. Obama, but I could be wrong. It may have been a different forum. I too loved the look that Ollie gave April when she proclaimed that Keesha was jealous of her because she was prettier, whether it was or wasn't an edit. I rewound and played that over a few times.
  5. I don't think anyone knows what the hell Michelle is talking about, except Michelle. She probably got sick of not being the center of attention that she feels she so justly deserves now that she's HOH. Almost all these people are masters at trying to bring the focus back on themselves. 'But what about ME!' is everyone's favorite first line...before they're interrupted by someone else saying the same thing. Did they give them more booze than usual tonight? Keesha and Michelle appeared wasted.
  6. Wow, this current battle of the four type A personalities in the house is fun(Libra, Michelle, Keesha, and April). But I'm getting really sick of listening to Keesha. I've wanted Libra gone the entire show, but I sure wouldn't mind if the second biggest liar in the house went home before her.
  7. I loved it, too. I don't like her much, but that was some funny stuff. Seeing her get lessons from Dan on how to speak correctly last night on BBAD was also entertaining.
  8. That would be funny. And don't they usually have 5 songs they play for wakeup? They should play Angie five times in a row because one time probably wouldn't penetrate those thick skulls. Not a lot happened in that meeting. It lasted all of about 30 seconds, which leads me to believe that the negotiations were ongoing throughout the day. There were large gaps in feed coverage, but if you read between the lines, the switch probably occurred something like this. I know that Keesha and Renny wanted to get rid of Jessie from the get-go. They approached Libra who didn't want to agree to the plan unless they got a strong, solid fourth. Obviously Jerry, Michelle and Ollie would go running back to April, so they honed in on Dan. Dan probably figured that if America voted for him to get Jessie nominated, they would also want for him to get Jessie voted out. Therefore, he agreed to the plan. At sometime, either Memphis approached them, or they approached Memphis (I am guessing that it was the latter). They told him what they were trying to accomplish in return for putting none of them on the block. When Memphis came into the room there was no long winded negotiation. Libra just told him that he had better not screw her over. Dan came in, quickly agreed, and he immediately jumped into the air in celebration because he realized that he just may be $20,000 richer. Everybody scattered after that, and Keesha and Renny hugged. I just hope that April doesn't figure this out. I really love it when someone is blindsided. Thanks, ff174. I was wondering how the whole process went so fast. BBAD has been going to commercials at the most inopportune times lately. On another note, I saw that the wenches of Burbank were making Dan swear on the Bible last night. Has anyone else had to swear on the Bible during this show this season? Why pick Dan to do it? Maybe I'm making too much out of it, but it seems kind of discriminatory. Dan should have been insulted that they wouldn't trust his word on it's own. I wonder if Libra would swear on the Bible? Then again, it would probably mean as much as her swearing on her children's lives.
  9. It would be even funner if April found out about the defection and talked Jerry into using the POV so she could put up either Libra or Keesha. Then again, I guess I better read the feeds to find out what really happened when Keesha called Memphis and Dan back to the '60's bedroom to talk with her and Libra last night. There was a commercial on BBAD when it happened and I missed the event.
  10. "I'm glad she's out in a way, I wouldn't have wanted to watch her become jaded or brought down by the others." Yes, but now she may be jaded and brought down by the stench that is Evil Dick? I sure hope not. I'd lose all respect for Angie in an instant if that were true.
  11. Like I posted in the immediately archived America's Choice thread. I think BB must like Dan to have him nominate Jessie. It has helped to provide some fireworks on tonight's BBAD though, hasn't it? Great stuff for the recappers!
  12. In my opinion, America's Choice is just another way for BB to control the game, while adding a small amount of entertainment. The fans may have their votes count on humerous events that won't change the game, such as imitating another player(like Eric repeating everything Dick said), but I seriously doubt that BB would let the fan votes count if it would change the game in a direction that BB didn't want to go. When it comes to trying to persuade the other houseguests who to put on the block or how to vote for evictions, BB probably knows what they're going to have America's player do before the fans even vote.
  13. Steven's demeanor and the way he talks reminds me of the John Burns character during the first season of the comedy series, Taxi.
  14. Thanks everyone! It's nice to know that I wasn't alone with that problem. I'm having similar difficulties at eBay when doing searches where auctions that I view don't show up as read on the search list, so I was afraid it was my computer. I had figured that was eBay's fault all along because of the new search format they've forced on us.
  15. Is anyone else having difficulties with the 'Goto first unread' button? It rarely works for me anymore and I'm beginning to think that if I'm just reading threads, there's really no point in logging in any longer since it rarely saves my spot. I haven't changed any of my cookie settings since last season when it worked most of the time. I log off in between sessions, but I've always done that. So if anyone else if having problems I'd like to know before I go off and discipline my computer for no reason. Thanks.
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