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  2. I don't remember the season that well, but as soon as I saw him, I knew it was the guy "who should have won". Too many Survivors end like that.
  3. This is the one I don't remember and feel that I should. Yum.
  4. I grew to like him a lot last season. He looks so much like my son-in-law who just passed away that I feel like I need to root for him.
  5. I've been a survivor fan since Season 1 and I don't remember her. There were 2 others I didn't remember. The rest were divided between HATE (Abi), LOVE (Joe, Terry) and meh.
  6. How did she get voted back? Such a disappointment that she wasn't the first one booted.
  7. Liz out (because I can't stand Austin); Audrey in (because it would be fun to watch what she does next).
  8. Andy? I am a fan, but I remember so few of them.
  9. Loud, screetchy, mouth all contorted. Is he for real or is this some sort of diabolic way to win BB?
  10. I'm a lurker who only reads the threads because you guys amuse me (I am not clever). From Day 1 I hated the guy (used to watch the threads and read the recaps of threads but haven't this year). I haven't even watched last night's episode yet - but HATE (yes he is a "reality" contestant and I don't know him, but hey..true colors)
  11. I'm a lurker but just wanted to say I love ff174. What a hoot! I don't have time to keep up with all the recaps so I skim but I never miss yours!
  12. I have lurked on this site for three years and only posted a few times. Just don't have the snark gene but boy do I appreciate it! Kudos to all! And what a terrible season this was
  13. This is my first post in the several years that I have lurked on this site. My reply? "Well, she is!" Also, a bully. However, if she makes it to the end she does deserve to win (Sadly)
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