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  1. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Thanks to all the recappers, who through the years, have made my summers so enjoyable!! This is the place to be those 3 special months every year. My family always gets the feeds and can't understand why I don't watch them. Why be bored to tears hours on end every day, when I can come here and be truly entertained!!! Y'all are the snarkiest, funniest, most awesome of all recappers on the web! Everyone does such a terrific job of giving us the actual goings-on while adding the much needed funny. I love you all but I must say my fav is ff174, I so wanna be your friend IRL. Your wit would brighten even the gloomiest of days!
  2. House Analysis and Discussion

    I am not happy at all with this outcome!! I was rooting for Ian up until The Funeral. After Dan's Phoenix move, it should have been a done deal if he made it to F2 regardless of who was standing next to him. What a bunch of bittercakes!! Ian played a good strategic game and deserved to win against anyone...but Dan!! Like Wil(with1L) said, "be mad at yourself, you got played!" idiots!!
  3. Hi...i dont know what all this is...i just read the live feed recaps!

  4. ok now i can say hi