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  1. Another week of Finger Bang Theory. Makes me want to scrub myself with a Brillo pad just thinking about it.
  2. This "As the Alliance Turns" is making my head spin. I feel like I've been struck in the face by a trolley. Anyone have any Ibuprofen?
  3. Jeff said it smelled disgusting in there and the house was never that dirty on their seasons. Really lit a fire under the pigs.
  4. I miss Cody, I mean Tim. My husbands name is Tim T-i-m. I better not forget that his name is Cody. TIM! Dammit it is Tim.
  5. Forgot to post this yesterday because BB16 is just so exciting, but who's Mom made the Dino costume? Looks like they bought it from a thrift store.
  6. All I can picture during this veto comp is Frankie not thinking he is getting enough camera time and he runs to do the comp. The men in white coats come and are taking him out in straight jacket all the while he is screaming "I will NOT be ignored!"
  7. Dear Frankie, Put on your big girl panties and put Derrick up. Sincerely, BB Universe
  8. Saw in Twitter Christine said she found 6 and threw them away. I too am laughing so hard that "evil" Donny won on his own.
  9. I'm so sad. I feel like a piece of the heart of mine and my daughters childhoods is now missing.
  10. Or they took them to a practice and they got to be tackling dummies. A girl can hope.
  11. OK I hate Zankie as much as everyone but their crap with Amber and Caleb on tonights show was disgusting and that comes from someone reading every word of the live feeds. Reading and watching are different I guess. Caleb is a psycho but I think they are seriously playing with fire.
  12. Can I take partial credit for TAFY Challenge A because I said we needed a wonky vote on 7/24?
  13. I can't wait to see his head explode when his lady love is voted out on Thursday
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