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  1. Seems we're pretty much on the same page: Isabella, Jack and Jessica have the most preshow like. Any bets on which one disappoints us first?
  2. Oh well, we can't all be pretty AND smart.
  3. His favorite houseguest is Da'Vonne! How is that possible?
  4. She !oves tanning so much people call her a lizard. Could that be a reference to her intellect rather than her skin tone? Also, she loves Dick and Danielle. I hope she goes home first.
  5. I hope he's not as boring in the house as he is in this interview. On the other hand, his droning on and on could be helpful for any insomniacs in the house.
  6. Where else are we gonna get awesome TAR recaps? Do it for the children, Tsy!
  7. Joe. As far as I'm concerned, he can return every season from here on.
  8. When I heard there were to be returnees, I asked if Joe and Malcolm were going to be among them. Glad to see one of the two. I love Joe, bun or not, but that moustache does need to go.
  9. She certainly has a high opinion of herself and her abilities. Course, didn't we all at 21? I look forward to her eventual breakdown and demise.
  10. I knew that name was familiar! One of my principals made us watch that Disney Teacher of the Year thing on in-service day. I remember finding him likeable and funny. But that was 15+ years ago. He sounds insufferable now.
  11. I find myself liking him. Of course, that can change on a dime. So far, he seems to be pretty good at keeping his mouth shut. I can see him going far if he just stays in the background and is agreeable with everyone.
  12. I guess I'm going to have to apologize to Tom Green and The Mooch. I didn't think there could be anyone more obnoxious or irritating than either of them, and then this dumpster fire shows up. Please evict her first.
  13. Not known for making smart moves, except on the football field, but I love Ricky! He seems very nice and likeable and he's actually not dumb. I'll be pulling for him. Hook 'em!
  14. Agreed. He played smart, won immunity 3 times in a row and came across as a nice guy. Plus I liked his accent; sounded like lots of people I know. I believe uaintjak meant he liked that Nick didn't propose to anyone. I never heard him even mention a girlfriend. I guess his heart belongs to Mamaw.
  15. I like her. Except for the hiking, we have the same hobbies.
  16. This one could be entertaining. His answers to some of the questions were hilarious, though I'm sure that was totally unintentional. I hope he wins (jk) because I want to see "a corvette the size of a hummer." He certainly doesn't have any issues with self-esteem.
  17. I can't with anyone who describes themselves as "scrappy," unless their uncle is Scooby Doo.
  18. OK, she's the second person to talk about their coonskin hat. Where do they get these peop!e? I predict I will hate her, early and often.
  19. I like him a lot, but he's going to look like a lobster after the first two days. I do think he's smart and funny, so I'm pulling for him at this point.
  20. I think reckless abuse of percentages is when someone says, e.g. "I always give 110%" or " I trust you 1000%." I'm with him on that one; it really chaps my ass.
  21. Rick Grimes is his hero and his inspiration in life? I'm a huge fan of TWD, but that's the most stupid answer I've ever heard. Also, if my date showed up wearing a coonskin hat, I'd slam the door and lock it. Then maybe move. Major league weirdo and annoying as all hell!
  22. Is it possible that Tyler could still use his cloud app next week in the event L6 doesn't win HOH? I know it says it's good for 8 weeks, but which week did he win it? It wasn't the first week because Sam won that one. That's what I'm hoping happens anyway, if Tyler is at risk.
  23. I voted Kaycee, but I'll take anyone who would put JC's little ass on the block. Not a fan.
  24. Please, please, pleeeeeaaaaaaaaase, let Bayleigh go this week. I almost choked on my drink when she went off about someone being so EXTRA! Bitch has absolutely zero self awareness. Her self-esteem is off the charts, on a par with her "true love" Swaggy. I agree with every point Captain Savem made.
  25. ff imparts the wisdom of the ages:
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