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  1. BWAH!!! This had me howling uaintjak! Perfection. Despite that, and the turtleneck, I like him so far.
  2. You hit the bald nail on the head Mrs. G. He's an overconfident douche bag who thinks he can bully his way to the top. Also, pull up your f**king pants.
  3. I voted for Alex, not only because I like her but because she's been on the mack the first two weeks. I want to see the side with the numbers grovel to her for a change. And though the scenario @dc20willsave outlined above would be great, I'm not sure it would be worth enduring Jessica as HOH. (shudders)
  4. Looks great up in here! Fisty was really busy during the off season.
  5. I voted for AGT because they've got acrobats, magicians and people like that who could entertain us.
  6. A key part of his strategy is winning HOH in week 4. We'll see how that works out. And he's taking his phone with him? No, no he's not. Has he never watched the show?
  7. Despite the occupation and those awful leggings, I found I didn't hate her. She's much cuter than that photo would indicate.
  8. At this point, are we sure she's even capable of speech? I don't remember her uttering one syllable in the entire first episode.
  9. I guess looks are deceiving, nixiechick. She was absolutely useless and clueless as to how badly she was pissing off her teammates. Won't miss her, already forgot her.
  10. It's a 3-way tie between him, Figgy and Taylor for most hated. What a conceited, entitled POS.
  11. I like her too. But I have a friend whose son plays video games for a living. He's really good at games, but he doesn't know how to do ANYTHING for himself. He's 27 and he wouldn't know how to cook a meal or do laundry if his life depended on it. I hope, for her sake and ours, Mari has some practical life skills.
  12. Those eyes! I'm going to be calling her Pinkey. I hope they all know not to touch anything she's touched or this will become Survivor: Pinkeye Edition.
  13. David Wright - Vinaka - Television Writer

    I was puzzled why they did keep him but I guess Rachel's abrasiveness trumped his uselessness. What a mess he is though. It's like they scowered the country looking for the person most unsuited to endure 39 days in a jungle.
  14. What accent? He sounded like 95% of the guys I know. I really like him, even after learning he's a former OU player (Hook'em Horms!!). He seems intelligent and low-key, two traits I value.