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  1. Ross may be my favorite hammie ever! I liked him already but he is so great on BB!
  2. Jacob Derwin - Malolo

    He sounds like he could be fun. Or supremely annoying. It's a fine line.
  3. James Lim - Malolo

    He seems quite likeable and level headed. We'll see how long it takes him to prove that impression wrong.
  4. Bradley Kleibege - Naviti

    Good answers. This one earns my preapproval.
  5. Chris Noble - Naviti

    Boy, this guy is really full of himself. I predict an early crash and burn. Strong pre-hate for this one.
  6. Desiree Afuye - Naviti

    Did you know she was once homeless? You may have missed it because she only mentioned it 47 times. Not sure why, but I sorta pre-like this one.
  7. Donathan Hurley - Malolo

    Oh, Honey, dial it back a notch. Or 10.
  8. Libby Vincek - Malolo

    I've only read 3 bios so far, but I want her out first!
  9. Ryan Ulrich - Solewa (Merge) - former Hustler

    BWAH!!! This had me howling uaintjak! Perfection. Despite that, and the turtleneck, I like him so far.
  10. You hit the bald nail on the head Mrs. G. He's an overconfident douche bag who thinks he can bully his way to the top. Also, pull up your f**king pants.
  11. I voted for Alex, not only because I like her but because she's been on the mack the first two weeks. I want to see the side with the numbers grovel to her for a change. And though the scenario @dc20willsave outlined above would be great, I'm not sure it would be worth enduring Jessica as HOH. (shudders)
  12. Looks great up in here! Fisty was really busy during the off season.
  13. I voted for AGT because they've got acrobats, magicians and people like that who could entertain us.
  14. A key part of his strategy is winning HOH in week 4. We'll see how that works out. And he's taking his phone with him? No, no he's not. Has he never watched the show?