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  1. By the time I figured it out, voting was closed for the week. I plan to vote next week though.
  2. I want Kaycee for HOH and the person I don't want to get it is Swiggy. Hate!
  3. *lose me off? Autocorrect strikes again.
  4. I came in too late to vote, but I'm pulling for Scottie, just because he seems nice and didn't say anything to lose me off. But as long as Brett or Swaggy don't win, I'll be okay with whomever.
  5. I think she meant he won't be interested in a romance with her, forever1267.
  6. Great job of recapping the season, Donna, and substitute recapper G. Unlike many seasons, I really enjoyed this season and was VERY happy with the winner. And that Creed meme made me snort laugh.
  7. I'm on board with anyone who will shave that ridiculous beardy thing while he sleeps.
  8. I had planned to write "I look forward to reading the HT versions of Swaggy C," and as usual you're already way ahead of me. Please to continue.
  9. This one is everything I hate. Annoying AF.
  10. Her paranoia is out of control. She can't go soon enough for me.
  11. I thought of you as soon as I heard this horrific news, SLuG. So glad you are okay and hope your friends are too. What a tragedy for all of you though.
  12. He's turning out to be a much better player than anticipated. Physically he's no competition, but his social game is pretty strong and he's even using some strategery. I've had a change of heart about this one.
  13. Wendell Holland - Lavita - Winner!

    Wendell is my favorite player in a long, long time. That "Chris the Rapper" speech he gave was one of the best ever. I'm Team Wendell all the way.
  14. Based on those definitions, I'd say Chris Noble has neither marks nor bars.