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  1. I picked NIck for the win because I liked him most of the ones I remember. I picked Tony for first out because............TONY!
  2. I was happy overall, but think they should have given us a final three rather than final five. I would probably watch another season. I wish their casting director would give BB's some tips for how not to just cast douchebags and famewhores. With a few exceptions, these were quite likeable, non-douchy people.
  3. I got nothing. Did I miss a season maybe?
  4. She's one of those people you talk to when you call about signing up for health insurance? No memory of her or her season.
  5. Liked him initially just for his resemblance to Donald Glover, but thought he played the game really well.
  6. I liked him a lot. He was the public defender from very poor and humble beginnings. Finally one I'm glad to see coming back!
  7. Wasn't he in a relationship with a contestant from a different season? And I guess he's cured of cancer. Good for him.
  8. Ha, tlh9! Great comment. Hate her.
  9. I hope they go second and third, after Tony.
  10. I remember him! He was a nice guy and deserved the win.
  11. HA! Copsister, however did you become so jaded? I hadn't even considered that, but now that you said it...yep! I hope not though.
  12. knewb

    Project Runway

    I think quite a few of the designers are very talented this season and the right ones have gone each week. I think Delvin, Sergio, Brittany, and Chelsea have all done beautiful work. Sergio is one of the biggest jerks they'd had in quite a while, but sadly he is quite talented. I'm hoping he gets cut soon for not addressing the challenge and just designing what he wants to design. I'm not sure Christian would save him because he never listens to his advice. Remember, he said first episode he was already way ahead of Christian as far as his design skills go. The judges' picks still mystify me. I can usually pick one of the top 3, but often one I thought would be bottom 3, they just love. I don't understand the judges' love for Victoria. She has given them basically the same dress every single week. It was the most appropriate, I guess, for a dress for Karlie to wear in Paris, but surely she'll get called out at some point for always doing the same thing. I really do love Christian as the mentor. As much as I loved and miss Tim Gunn, he had reached the point where he really wasn't giving them much guidance beyond"make it work." Christian actually puts his foot down and steers them away when he sees them going in a wrong direction. Or he attempts to anyway.
  13. I watched all 8 episodes of The Circle over the past 2 days. It's like a huge trainwreck. Could.not.stop.watching. One nice thing about them being isolated is we're not subjected to shmoopycakes constantly. It's edited so there's very little of them just sitting around killing time. I find I like almost all the players, but Shooby is definitely the most lovable. Really like Chris, Sammie, Joey and Bill too. I expected to hate Joey, but I find I really like him a lot. One of them (don't want to spoil it so I'll just say the one fond of tie-dye and cats) is horrible and I can't wait for them to go.
  14. I'm with uaintjak on this one. No, Dean isn't the best player but he's the cutest, which always scores points in my book.I I would hate to see Elizabeth, Karishma and Noura. Don't like the way the first one has played and the last two are clueless, and not in a good way. It'd be a helluva final reckoning though. Heeeee.
  15. Great recap, Mrs. Gryn. I missed the first 10 minutes so didn't see the entrance and the tribe signs. Based solely on hearing Probst's play by play, I thought the tribes were Bowtie and Lar-O. They could wear their buffs as purple bowties!
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