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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your dad, SLuG. I know he'd had lots of problems over the past year or so. My deepest sympathies to you and your mom.
  2. knewb

    poll Week 9 Veto

    I voted he'd use it on Alyssa. He knows Turner wanted to backdoor him last week. Since Terrance has shown he can actually win a comp or two, I don't see him saving him over Alyssa. But what do I know? I like Turner better than the other two, so I'm fine if he doesn't use it.
  3. Thank you! I REALLY need this.
  4. I voted for Brittany because she seems least likely to get into a showmance and I don't think she's doing BB to boost her chances of parlaying it into a model/actress career. Not so sure I can say the same of the other two.
  5. Elvis impersonator. Gee, that won't get old. Does he do a reenactment of Kissin' Cousins, the Elvis movie where Elvis is twins, one black haired and one blonde?
  6. Heeeeeeee, Magpie! Judging by her appearance, I'd say that's a yes.
  7. BWAH, gforce! He should at least do well in comps requiring strength and speed.
  8. A hypnotherapist from Austin? Please tell me her strategy will be to hypnotize the other hammie into never voting to boot her.
  9. I'm going to assume that being from Houston, he's a fellow Astros fan so I pre-like him.
  10. Attorney? He looks like he just got his learner's permit to drive.
  11. Something about this photo makes me hope I like her.
  12. How old is this photo? He looks like he just time traveled from about 1999.
  13. knewb

    poll Grade Week 8

    B based on all the factors mentioned above. Plus it seems the players NOT in the Cookout finally got the clue that's been glaring them right in the face all season.
  14. I wish I could vote for both.
  15. Yes, that was me. Clearly I was wrong. Travis seemed like a low key guy compared to this ultra douche. As much as I dislike Brittni, I want Brent gone. He's a cretin.
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