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  1. I like her. Except for the hiking, we have the same hobbies.
  2. This one could be entertaining. His answers to some of the questions were hilarious, though I'm sure that was totally unintentional. I hope he wins (jk) because I want to see "a corvette the size of a hummer." He certainly doesn't have any issues with self-esteem.
  3. I can't with anyone who describes themselves as "scrappy," unless their uncle is Scooby Doo.
  4. OK, she's the second person to talk about their coonskin hat. Where do they get these peop!e? I predict I will hate her, early and often.
  5. I like him a lot, but he's going to look like a lobster after the first two days. I do think he's smart and funny, so I'm pulling for him at this point.
  6. I think reckless abuse of percentages is when someone says, e.g. "I always give 110%" or " I trust you 1000%." I'm with him on that one; it really chaps my ass.
  7. Rick Grimes is his hero and his inspiration in life? I'm a huge fan of TWD, but that's the most stupid answer I've ever heard. Also, if my date showed up wearing a coonskin hat, I'd slam the door and lock it. Then maybe move. Major league weirdo and annoying as all hell!
  8. BB20 House Discussion

    Is it possible that Tyler could still use his cloud app next week in the event L6 doesn't win HOH? I know it says it's good for 8 weeks, but which week did he win it? It wasn't the first week because Sam won that one. That's what I'm hoping happens anyway, if Tyler is at risk.
  9. I voted Kaycee, but I'll take anyone who would put JC's little ass on the block. Not a fan.
  10. POLL: Week 6 - Eviction Prediction

    Please, please, pleeeeeaaaaaaaaase, let Bayleigh go this week. I almost choked on my drink when she went off about someone being so EXTRA! Bitch has absolutely zero self awareness. Her self-esteem is off the charts, on a par with her "true love" Swaggy. I agree with every point Captain Savem made.
  11. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    ff imparts the wisdom of the ages:
  12. By the time I figured it out, voting was closed for the week. I plan to vote next week though.
  13. I want Kaycee for HOH and the person I don't want to get it is Swiggy. Hate!
  14. *lose me off? Autocorrect strikes again.