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  1. knewb

    poll Grade Week 8

    B based on all the factors mentioned above. Plus it seems the players NOT in the Cookout finally got the clue that's been glaring them right in the face all season.
  2. I wish I could vote for both.
  3. Yes, that was me. Clearly I was wrong. Travis seemed like a low key guy compared to this ultra douche. As much as I dislike Brittni, I want Brent gone. He's a cretin.
  4. Teams never work. And the whole gambling theme will get old fast, much like Vegas.
  5. Queens is my fave because I didn't instantly dislike any of them. Kings are my worst, partly because they really couldn't get it together in the HOH comp but mainly because everything about Sarah Beth is really annoying.
  6. I'm calling it now: the season's biggest douche.
  7. I love that he thinks he can influence these people through logical reasoning. Hahahahaha! Oh, Derek...
  8. If she did, idontcare, I question the truth of her occupation. Who'd pay her to look like that?
  9. I'm sure I doomed Janelle and Kaysar not to win by voting for them, but they are really the only ones I want to see win.
  10. knewb

    General Drama

    Cool, Avorlon. I just started the new season of After LIfe yesterday. I love Ricky Gervais. I forgot to mention Mindhunter earlier. It's about the start of the Behavioral Analysis team for the FBI. Really good, good cast, especially the guy who plays Ed Kemper in the first season.
  11. knewb

    General Drama

    I just started Ozark this week too and am enjoying it. I've had Netflix for years and have watched tons of series. Here are a few of my favorites. Peaky Blinders: Birmingham gang of WWI vets who sew razor blades in their peaked caps. Cillian Murphy is mesmerizing. Marvel's Daredevil and The Punisher: I'm bummed there aren't more seasons. Marvel's Jessica Jones: Season 1 is fantastic. The end of season 2, they lost me. The Fall, The Stranger and Happy Valley: dark British murder/crime dramas. Godless: Incredible! Both Jeff Daniels and Merritt Wever won Emmys for their roles. It's a limited series Western, but trust me, it's fantastic. In recent weeks I watched Unbelievable, Ragnarok, I Am Not Okay With This, The Valhalla Murders and The Witcher and enjoyed them all, especially The Witcher. And as a fan of Big Brother, you must watch Tiger King. It's not a competition show, but it's like the worst of the BB hammies on steroids. And meth.
  12. I picked Sophie, Yul, NIck, and Ethan to be quarantined with because they all seem smart and nice. I assume they are all readers, so they would probably be fine with me sitting around reading half the time. I picked Tony because he would make me run screaming outside after being around his shit for more than 3 minutes. He is one of my most hated ever, for sure my most hated winner.
  13. knewb

    Project Runway

    Agreed, uaintjak. A mentor would be great, especially a Tim Gunn or a Christian Siriano. And I too would like a closer examination by the judges. Wonderful job of finding talented designers form all over. Can't wait for another season.
  14. knewb

    Project Runway

    I am! I watched the whole thing and really enjoyed it. The designers are really talented and likeable. They skip all the personal drama that is sometimes the focus of PR. Everyone is professional and nice to each other. I enjoyed the way the judges commented on the looks as they came down the runway. The two collections in the finale were fantastic, especially given they only had 3 days to make 10 looks, though they did each have 3 sewing assistants. Loved the winner!
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