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  1. So what if I missed all the recaps and the first month of the show/feeds. Boo to Camp HT being over too soon even for this sucky season! I was a bad camper this summer - didn't share, didn't contribute, but all youzz are still the best!
  2. They must all be from the same radical splinter cell of the Brenchel army.
  3. At some point she said about Aryian and GM "Don't they know international relations are EVERYTHING? I work with these people!". She slays me! I didn't mind her either and always liked catching her on the feeds pretty much doing anything from eating/cooking to talking about her world travels. She always cracked me up.
  4. 4. He'll fall in with the wrong crowd, do lots of strange named drugs, and end up working at a strip club in Pompano.
  5. ITA Sheena, this was the worst season for me too. At least one person stands out for me usually but there wasn't anyone I could route for this year. Except now at the bitter I truly want GM to win. She gets my goat but managed to win me over - it must have been Gremlins 2 The New Batch!
  6. The Elyssercise: Take a plastic bag and mix equal parts organic sugar and soy milk to resemble a thick snotty syrup. Leave it to ferment for 6 days until the alcohols begin to form bubbles. Fiddle with it daily by smooshing it around and staring at it emptily. Drink at room temperature directly from the bag before yoga for 'energy'.
  7. 3. She mistook underpants for shorts.
  8. True, I drove from San Francisco to Boca (ha yep) once and then again from Atlanta to LA. On both I discovered I love me a truck stop gift shop. Speaking of - the next poster has eaten a salted nut roll and agrees they are disgustingly delicious.
  9. I voted VGM - purely for her endurance comps. I think she would probably die before falling off of one and wouldn't complain a peep. I don't think I've ever seen a hammie like this before. I wish every hammie was like that!
  10. Exactly Shannon. He's slimier than the rest of these slime balls - he'll weasel his way to the end. Ugh!
  11. Hahah TooTired she's perfect for the Ministry of Silly Walks.
  12. GM could do much better for herself than this guy! ETA: Yikes Tsylyst, what a sweetheart to take her out on a date as a joke.
  13. He really is a whiny little girl - I heard he just gave up at the veto yesterday. What a competitor; so dangerous! Helen, Im looking at you! If he made it to F2 his final plea to the jury would be pathetic. By pathetic I mean infuriatingly entertaining. I hope he goes to jury before it comes to that though.
  14. I can't route for him either -- he's too disgusting. The feeds are unbearable because of his ahhhdunno's,
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