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  1. I just saw this advertised in my area. Former BB cast members Meg (BB17) and April (BB6). Yuck! https://www.c4yl.com/jungle-out-there/
  2. My two cents from BBAD: Devin is crafty! He might be someone to reckon with, if they let him get far. Derrick and Zach also seem to have some good strategy going by moving attention off themselves whenever possible. Frankie may have a good strategy for now as he seems to be good at the social game and is liked by various groups of hammies. But I think that after a few weeks, these groups will also see him as low on the totem pole. He will get nominated and voted out before they have to choose one of their own.
  3. I've been away awhile. Going back to school and having kids has really gotten in the way of my BB addiction. Missed HT very much! So sorry to hear about Sheenafury and Zgeist. They were all star recappers! Also, after reading through some posts, I would like to request a "like" button. (Don't ban me please)
  4. I was thinking the save thing, hefgypsy! Thats the only reason not to tell her. And since Retch won hoh, the possibility that Cassi could come back is the only reason I will keep watching!
  5. Jeff or someone mentioned a little bit ago on BBAD about Dick doing a web show. They wondered if he was doing it from the diary room, but decided that wouldn't be fair. Does anyone know if he has a web show and if he did post it? I don't see that taking 6 hours though.
  6. I could barely hear on BBAD, but it seemed like Cassi and Keith were talking about Keith/Porsche being nominated. He looked upset about a convo from this morning, but Jeff walked in before he could elaborate. Did anyone else get this?
  7. Please oh please make him stop doing that metal yell! I feel so sorry for the feed watchers. I am hoping that skippy tells him to stop because it will ruin the mic. On the other hand, totally LOVED the look he gave to the camera when Brenchel came in!!
  8. Totally agree with Suncat7 (except I didn't notice the bra thing). And I'm really confused about how the veto will work. As far as Rachel's noms, I think it would be a huge mistake to reneg on her promise to Dick and Dani. She sets herself up to be completely terrorized by Dick for at least the next 4 weeks if Dani ends up being evicted. And Brendon ain't saving her a$$ from Dick. He'll probably be hiding under the bed!
  9. Hi All! I don't post on here much so it's probably not a big deal that I'm back. But it is to me! I have missed your hilarious comments and I miss BB too! Didn't watch much last year as it was boring compared to the real-life drama I had going on around here. Things have finally settled down to what is probably as normal as life will ever be. Just wanted to say HI to everyone and I'm looking forward to the new season!
  10. Happy Birthday, how big is Aubrey now?

  11. I too found this site from reading CBS boards. I've watched every season, but season one. Until season 7 or 8, I never knew you could get recaps of the feeds. I was so excited since I couldn't afford (or talk hubby into) getting the live feeds. Since I've found HT, I haven't been anywhere else. I love all the snark and analysis. Probably would have given up on BB long ago if not for HT. Plus, now that I'm a stay at home mom, sometimes ya'll are the only adults I get to interact with outside of family. I'll definitely miss everyone now that the seasons over, but maybe this year I'll stick around during the off-season. Thanks to everyone who makes this site so awesome!
  12. Can you DOR from the jury house? 'Cause I'm pretty sure when Jessie sees Lydevil coming in, he's gonna run for the hills. That bitch is CRAZY!
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