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  1. Maisie

    Joey and Meghan

    Heh, Spartini. I loved the idea that they can't use a map because they're of the wrong generation. As if half the race weren't under 30. Sack up, assholes; it's a life skill, and it's as much a TAR skill as swimming or driving a stick shift (which, have you tried to find one lately? _that's_ a generational thing).
  2. Maisie

    Joey and Meghan

    I want to swirlie them. They're (well, he's) an embarrassment to geeks and dweebs.
  3. Maisie

    Jessica and John

    Such a wonderfully awkward walk off into the sunset for these two. Looked to me like she didn't want him touching her, and he's oblivious.
  4. As long as Boogie stays he can win. Again. I'll take pretty much anything else (certainly anything else that's in the house at the moment) not to see that again.
  5. Ian (more than Jenn, I think) would be a reasonable substitute for Frank if POV comes into play. Really, if she looks at it as four of them, she might have preferences but at worst she'd end up with one big target (Boogie and/or Frank) and one small (if POV is used, Ian, maybe Jenn) up there. That a decent week's noms.
  6. Either pregnant or playing us.
  7. I'd hope for long enough to look legitimate, not long enough to threaten. Say, places 4-8.
  8. It's going to happen, of course. I'm beyond over bringing back past players.
  9. Britney doesn't have enough game to mastermind someone else's DOR/ejection.
  10. Boogie's a douche, but he's not an idiot. If Ian backs away from Boogie (because Boogie's embarrassed him, for example), that hurts Boogie's game.
  11. For Tsylyst: Caviar nails: http://www.thepolishaholic.com/2012/04/fish-egg-friday-mani.html . It's a thing in the nail blog world.
  12. The producers don't want Dan one hammie down, but Frank may bring the drama with Willie, and CBS wants its Hantz drama. I think there are manipulation arguments both ways.
  13. My final three guess: Viktor, Anya, Bert.
  14. Maisie

    Ethan & Jenna

    I found them meh on TAR, one famous team among several professional and Olympic athletes. What's up with their weird body language on the mat? Injury? (Watch all the arms when they hug.)
  15. Maisie

    Liz & Marie

    "Um, I can't really hug you." I like her.
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